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Seven Gold Medals At Central Region 'B'

Seven Gold Medals At Central Region “B”


At the Central Region Short Course ‘B’ Champs in Markham, the MSSAC swimmers had a fantastic performance and they got a good number of medals as well.

MSSAC Central Region ‘B’ champions were Melissa Havaedji in the 200 breast, Alessia Pereira in the 200 free, Darin Ngo in the 100 fly, Eric Reci in the 100 back and Erika Teves in the 100 and 200 back.

Other MSSAC swimmers on the podium were Emma Begg (3rd  in 200 breast), Andrew Kang (2nd in 50 free), Raquel Medeiros (3rd in 100 breast and 200 breast), Nicole Jasmine (3rd in 100 back and 2nd in 100 fly), Alessia Pereira (3rd in 50 fly), Mateusz Powalowski (3rd in 800 free), Boris Vassilev (3rd in 100 fly), Gavin You (3rd in 100 fly).

At the competitions that had more than 1100 swimmers in the water the other MSSAC finishing to 8th  were: Arthur Celeste (7th in 50 breast), Kailey Banks (4th in 100 free and 8th in 100 back), Melissa Havaedji (4th in 100 breast, 7th in 400 IM, 8th in 200 IM), Graham Hillis (4th in 1500 free, 6th in 200 fly, 7th in 100 fly), Indie Jerry (8th in 800 free, 8th in 400 IM), Andrew Kang (4th in 200 free), Annamaria Kapralos (8th in 200 back), Varun Kawley (5th in 1500 free, 6th in 200 breast, 8th in 100 breast), Hanwen Luo (4th in 200 fly, 5th in 400 IM), Noah MacNeil (4th in 100 breast), Grace Malcolm (4th in 400 free), Raquel Medeiros (6th in 400 IM), Quynh Anh Nghiem (5th in 100 free), Jasmine Nicols (6th in 200 back, Skylar Ostafin (5th in 100 free, 5th in 200 breast), Alessia Pereira (5th in 400 free), Lucas Pineiro (7th in 50 free), Mateusz Powalowski (5th in 400 IM, 8th in 400 free), Eric Reci (7th in 200 back), Zain-Olivier Trottier (6th in 100 fly), Vassilev Boris (4th in 200 free, 5th in 400 free, 7th in 200 IM), Michelle Wang (7th in 100 breast), Hailey Weller (7th in 200 fly).