Richmond, BC

This past weekend, 5 AGB swimmers competed in the LMR Champs! Caitlyn Fowler continued with her 100% best times at a swim meet getting best times in her 50 fly, 200 IM, 100 free, 50 free and 100 back. Caitlyn was a really trooper as well with loosing her goggles in her 200 free but still managing to be only 5 seconds off her best time!Zach McLeod also had a very impressive meet with best times in his 200 IM, 100 free and 100 back. Highlight swim for Zach was most definitely his 200 IM taking off 2 seconds from his original time swam in practice of 3:38! Jacob Zabudsky competed as well this past weekend getting bests time in his 50 back and his 200 IM. Nick Friesen got best times in his 200 IM and 50 free. Highlight swim for Nick was his extremely impressive 200 IM taking off 6 seconds with a time of 3:29! Matt Friesen was obviously there as well getting a best time in his 200 IM taking off 11 seconds getting a time of 3:36.2! 

Matt Friesen placed 4th in his 100 free and 50 fly in 10 & under boys. Nick Friesen placed 3rd in his 50 backstroke 11 year old category. Zach McLeod also placed third in his 50 backstroke in the 10& under boys. Matt and Nick Friesen both got 2nd place in their freestyle relay! Caitlyn Fowler received 1st place overall in her freestyle relay with Brooke, Heidi and Jenna. 
The 5 swimmers who competed this weekend did a fantastic job and hopefully the hard work and dedication to the sport with continue. :) 

Age Group Gold had many outstanding performances this past weekend, especially from the 11&Under group. Within 30 minutes of the meet, we had 3 races out of four that were not only best times but also Tier 1 qualifying swims! Hats off to Heidi Cole (3:06.91), Brooke Nelson (3:06.18), and Jeremy Slinn (3:08.87) for kicking it off real fast in the 200 Back and setting the rhythm for the rest of the group.

From there, we continued onto the 50 Fly where Jenna Tuazon and Matthew Walker both dropped 3 whopping seconds (34.82 and 37.80 respectively). Next we had the thrilling 200 IM - the event that determined it all - where Dylan Bradbury casually dropped 6” to officially qualify for Tier I Championships (3:07.23)! One event later, he gained another Tier 1 qualifying time in 100 Breast (1:38.26) along with Brooke who gained her third Tier 1 event in 100 Free (1:18.83). Megan Bonikowsky also gained a PB in 100 Free (1:20.40). If that wasn’t exciting enough, you should have seen our relays. Our 11&U girls (Heidi Cole, Megan Bonikowsky, Brooke Nelson, Jenna Tuazon) won first place in the 200 Free Relay while the 11&U boys (Nick Friesen, Jeremy Slinn, Matt Friesen, Matt Walker) won second place!

The awesomeness by this group also continued the next day with 100% best times by multiple swimmers. Jeremy improved his 50 Free (35.34), 100 Fly (1:44.35), and 200 Free (2:49.27). Heidi improved her 100 Fly (1:32.69) and 200 Free (2:53.26) and achieved another Tier 1 time in the 200 Breast (3:22.76). Dylan achieved a PB in his 100 back (1:33.38) plus Tier 1’s in 400 Free (5:50.26) and 200 Breast (3:29.42). Brooke achieved a first time best time in 200 Breast (3:54.59) plus new Tier 1’s in 50 Free (34.98) and 200 Free (2:47.23). Matthew continued his PB streak in the 50 Breast (43.97) plus a 11” PB and Tier 1 cut in 100 Fly (1:28.73). What a Tier-ful day!

Our 12&Over group also had some amazing swims. Chloe Glue killed it in the breaststroke with a PB in 100 Breast and 13” PB in 200 Breast (3:19.41). Despite coming for one day only, Cindy Cui achieved 100% best times in all her individual races - 200 Breast (3:24.96), 100 Fly (1:26.55), 50 Breast (44.48), and 200 Free (2:51.91). Similarly, Nicole Orr came one day only but achieved best times in her 200 IM (3:14.12) and 100 Free (1:15.93). Isabel Rapier did an amazing job particularly on the second day when she took home 100% best times in 200 Breast, 100Fly (1:20.49) and a 20” PB in 400 IM (6:09.83). Mei Yang also had particularly great performances the first day with PB’s in 200 Back (3:05.84), 200IM (3:11.26), and 100 Free (1:16.01). She also dropped 9” in the 200 Free (2:49.40). Finally, Yinan Zhu continued the awesomeness with official Tier 1 times in 200 Back (2:51.54) and 200 IM (3:00.34) !! This officially qualifies her for the Tier 1 Championships in Penticton.

Last but certainly not least was Sassy Busby, representing the Provincial group. This girl had an amazing 200 IM race with a strong second half that lead her to drop 7 whole seconds to 3:00.04. She also improved her freestyle even further with PB’s in 50 Free (30.76), 100 Free (1:08.27) and 200 Free (2:33.34).

Overall, this meet was phenomenal for all groups and ages. And a special congratulations to our new Tier 1 qualifiers Dylan Bradbury and Yinan Zhu who will be joining us in Penticton!