EAC Newsletter 01.22.18

 Good morning, Gators!

Just a few things for this edition of the newsletter:

  1. Meet recap: Even though it was a tough loss to CVAC on Saturday, there were lots of great swims and plenty of best times! Nice job, Gators!
  2. Practice schedule: There will be no practice Wednesday and Thursday of this week due to high school meets. (The Wednesday meet is the rescheduled meet from Tuesday of last week. The college is still confirming this, so there is a slight possibility that we will have practice Wednesday, but for now, we’ll assume that the meet will be held.) Also, there will be no practice on Saturday.
  3. End-of-season gifts: There is a possibility that this year’s swimmer gifts will have personalization on them. With that in mind, we’d like to make sure that each swimmer gets the personalization they’d prefer. The default will be first initial and last name. For example, Ben Keener would be B. Keener. If you’d like it to be something else, or to simply confirm that it is the correct first initial, please check the spreadsheet that will be posted at the pool this week. If you’d like to make a change to the personalization, please write it in the third column. If you don’t make a change, we will go with the default (first initial, last name). If you'd prefer no personalization, write "NONE" in the third column.
  4. Liability Waivers: An email will go out this morning to families who have not turned in their liability waivers. For those families, if we do not receive the waivers by Friday, your child will not be permitted to practice or swim in meets until we receive the waiver. The college requires that we have a waiver on file for every family. 

Have a great week!