Friendly reminder- Clinic today at Bartlett and practice at Chugiak

Hello Team-

This is a friendly reminder that there is NO PRACTICE AT BARTLETT- NO LESSONS AT BARTLETT- TODAY!  Due to the clinic today with David Marsh (2:30-5:30) practice is cancelled.  All swimmers upper Bronze on up are encouraged to attend.  There is no fee but instead a suggested donation of $15-$20 dollars to the go fund me account for the improvements at Bartlett.

If you missed the sign up deadline- you can still attend.  

There is regular practice at Chugiak. So if the clinic isn't your thing you are welcome and encouraged to attend practice at the Chugiak Pool.

The link to the go fund me account was posted on our face book page on February 13.  You can go there or try the link below to make a donation.


Be safe out there and see you at the pools!