Another JO, Another Clovis Victory!

Another great weekend of Age Group racing for Clovis Swim Club!  We are really proud of all the efforts of ALL of our athletes who participated in the 2018 CCS Junior Olympics, scored in finals, and made an effort to stick around and cheer on the team!  So many of our swimmers were able to manage GREAT results in less than favorable circumstances, but seeing success in the face of adversity is a great part of the process of becoming the best we can be!  This meet was a massive effort from everyone involved.  Let’s go to the numbers and check out the stats:



1 Clovis Swim Club 4423

2 CCAT Swimming 2111

3 Santa Barbara 1874

4 Tule Nation Tritons 1812.5

5 Las Vegas Swim Club 1453.5

6 Roadrunner Aquatics 1172


25 individual JO CHAMPIONSHIPS:  Rowyn Wilber (50 free, 100 free, 50 back), Bianca Fernandez (50 free, 50 back, 100 IM), Alexis Naranjo (100 free, 200 free, 100 fly), Hannah Marinovich (100 breast), Aliaa Hussein (50 fly), Meg Calumpang (200 fly), Charlize Phillips (100 free), Ella Guffey (500 free), Claire Tuggle (100 breast), Anson Wong (50 free, 100 free, 50 breast, 100 IM), Matthew Chen (50 back), Max Tuggle (100 fly, 200 IM), Ethan Cole (1000 free), Justus Vang (200 fly, 400 IM).



10&Un Girls 200 MR (Kelly E, Ellie F, Brighton W, Guliana T)

10&Un Girls 200 free (Ellie F, Guliana T, Kelly E, Brighton W)

10&Un Boys 200 free (Matthew C, Nathanael C, Tobin R, Max T)

10&Un Boys 200 MR (Nathanael C, Max T, Matthew C, Barret Kerrigan)

11-12 Girls 200 MR (Aliaa H, Emily C, Alexis N, Bianca F)

11-12 Girls 400 MR (Aliaa H, Emily C, Alexis N, Bianca F)

11-12 Girls 200 free (Aliaa H, Alexis N, Abigail H, Bianca F)

11-12 Girls 400 free (Bianca F, Aliaa H, Avery E, Alexis N)

11-12 Boys 200 MR (Sean L, Jaydan C, Chase B, Sabal D)

11-12 Boys 200 free (Sabal D, Jaydan C, Sean L, Chase B)

11-12 Boys 400 free (Sean L, Chase B, Hayden L, Jaydan C)

13-14 Girls 200 free (Claire T, Ella G, Charli P, Meg C)

13-14 Girls 400 MR (Ella G, Claire T, Meg C, Charli P)

13-14 Boys 800 free (Christian T, Nolan C, Justus V, Ryan C)

13-14 Boys 200 MR (Ryan C, Ethan C, Justus V, Nolan C)

13-14 Boys 400 MR (Ryan C, Ian B, Justus V, Nolan C)


158 SWAGR Cuts:  Sydney B (1), Meg C (9), Madi C (1), Emily C (8), Amber D (3), Sierra D (1), Sophia D (1), Alyson E (1), Kelly E (3), Avery E (8), Bianca F (8), Ellie F (3), Ella G (3), Abby G (8), Chloe H (5), Sam H (2), Aliaa H (9), Cherlou L (2), Kelsey L (1), Hannah M (5), Allison M (3), Avery N (3), Naima O (3), Charli P (3), Allison R (2), Madi R (5), Katelynn S (7), Olivia S (2), Guliana T (4), Claire T (2), Brighton W (3), Londen W (2), Brooklyn W (1), Oscar B (1), Chase B (4), Ian B (1), Jaydan C (5), Matthew C (8), Ethan C (3), Nolan C (3), Joshua C (1), Nathanael C (2), Ryan C (5), Barrett K (1), Brian K (1), Sean L (4), Tobin R (1), Jude S (2), Christian T (5), Max T (8), Justus V (5), Colby V (1), Keo W (1), Bush W (2).


38 Western Zone Age Group Champs Cuts:  Meg C (3), Emily C (1), Bianca F (1), Ella G (3), Abby H (1), Aliaa H (3), Cherlou L (1), Hannah M (1), Alexis N (2), Charli P (2), Madi R (1), Katelynn S (1), Claire T (2), Jaydan C (1), Matthew C (3), Ethan C (1), Ryan C (2), Sean L (1), Max T (5), Justus V (3). 


2 Clovis Swim Club Team Records:

Claire Tuggle:  100 breast

Anson Wong:  100 free

10&Un Boys 200 free relay (Nathanael C, Max T, Matthew C, Barrett K)

10&Un Boys 200 medley relay (Matthew C, Max T, Nathanael C, Tobin R)


1 Central California Swimming LSC Record:

Claire Tuggle:  100 breast


Huge thanks to so many for making this event a great one.  Special thanks to our meet directors, Andy Hill, Doug Lambert, and Bree Wilber (and honorary meet director, Tammy Welch) and also our Admin Ref, Jennifer McDougal!  Also a special thank-you to all of our parents and volunteers who officiated some of those chilly, blustery evening sessions.  All of the efforts from all who made this meet work smoothly are all appreciated by all!