Southern Alberta Provincials Day 1

The parking lot at Repsol has cleared and the swimmers have headed home after a great first day of racing at the Southern Alberta Provincial Championships. The University of Calgary Swim Club was well represented with over a 100 Dinos participating… no wonder you couldn’t find a spot in the parking lot! That and the Flames game that was happening across the way. The Dinos showed their dominance in the pool with many swimmers achieving personal bests.

Swimming in their first Provincials were Seth Michael-Alluelohia and Saorise McKegney for the Churchill squad. Coach Lorna and Coach Ashley thought their swimmers did a great job with their races. They are looking forward to seeing some great swims on Sunday.

Coach Caitlin from Red 12 was equally impressed with her squad. Things were really positive for the Red 12 squad as the meet is helping them gain valuable experience for future meets.

Coach Greg has a busy weekend doing double duty with Red 14 and the TREX swimmers. Karina Radbakhsh had a 15 second drop in her 400 free this evening that impressed Coach Greg. He was very pleased with how both squads were swimming and is looking forward to working to getting to know the TREX swimmers better.

Coach Tao was happy with the Black 12 squad performances. Some of the swimmers were quite nervous entering their races today but shown to be great competitors as they swam their way to best times.

The Gold 12 swimmers have shown a big improvement since the beginning of the season. They are preparing well for their races and executing their strategies well. They are able to reflect on races identifying mistakes and things that worked well. I was extremely proud of their performances today. A shout goes out to Martin Dunajska for achieving his first Championship time in the 800 free.

A big thanks to Coach Lauren of the Black 14 squad for organizing all the relays this weekend. This is a huge under taking with our club. Thanks to coach Greg, Caitlin, Dave and Jared for staying on top of the relays and making sure the holes are being filled. I really want to thank all the swimmers for being such great teammates  in organizing themselves and getting to the blocks on time. This truly is a huge accomplishment with such a large group.

Back to coach Lauren and the Black 14 squad… The Black 14 swimmers continued to race well this season. Coming of a very successful meet in Kamloops they showed they are not done yet as many best times were made and swimmers continued to achieve new Championship standards.

Coach Dave was happy with the Gold 14 squad… “They raced a lot and they raced tough” were the words Coach Dave used to some up the Gold 14 day. Dylan Tingley got to his Champ times in the 800 and 400 free while Teagan McKenzie took down the club records for 13 year old girls in the 100 back and 50 free. Sabrina Wang not to be left out of the record breaking set a new club record for 13 year old girls in the 100 free.

Coach Jared thought that the Black 15 swimmers were solid in their performances today. It was a great opportunity to get in some short course meters racing before the squad transitions in to the long course racing season.

Coaches are looking forward to another great day of racing. The swimmers are doing an amazing job of performing in the timed final format showing they do not need a finals swim to perform. It’s also an awesome opportunity to have all these squads participating at the same competition… If you don’t know the power of the Dinosaur you do now! Have a great sleep and see you all in the morning!

Coach Jeff