Gently used or new swim gear ? FAST will help you to donate them to FWDPC


Dear Parents & Masters,
As you may be aware Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition (FWDPC) is one of our partner non-profit organizations. The Coalition organizes Swim Safe programs in Fort Worth between May-August every year. By these programs, many children and adults that mostly represent underserved segments of our community are having a chance to learn swimming. Last summer FAST Senior group volunteered to teach swimming to many kids and adults at Forest Park pool, as part of our support and partnership with FWDPC. We are thankful to all our Senior group swimmers and Coach Ron for supporting Swim Safe program of Fort Worth.
The FWDPC was formed in 2012 in an effort to address our community’s staggering statistics below:
  • In the summer of 2016, the equivalent of five classrooms of children did not return to school in Texas because of fatal drowning
  • Tarrant County consistently ranks in the top 3 counties in Texas for total and per capita pediatric drowning deaths
  • Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 5 y.o.
As mentioned above, most of the families that benefit from Swim Safe programs represent lower income segments of our community. Therefore in order to continue with Swim Safe programs, FWDPC is seeking donations for gently used or new swimsuits, caps, goggles and all other swim gear. 
FAST Board decided to support FWDPC's great efforts and we hereby launch a drive to collect swim gear. We are sure you will do your best to support this initiative by giving your gently used or new swim caps, suits, goggles and any type of swim gear.
You can give such gifts-in-kind to our Head Coach Ron who is in the pool more than any of us.  Alternatively, you can give them to me or your swimmers can give them to my son Deniz Atay, who swims with Senior 1 group.  Deniz and I will make sure all your gifts find FWDPC and eventually those who are in need. 

If you have questions on the subject, please feel free to email me at

Thanks very much!
Hakan Atay
On behalf of FAST Board