COM Tadpoles and 8 & Unders Start Tuesday, Feb 27th

Greetings Tadpole and COM 8 & Under Swimmers!

Just a reminder that our COM program starts Tuesday, February 27th! 

Tadpoles:     2:30 - 3:00 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

8 & Unders:  3:00 - 3:30 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Where to Park

The dirt parking lot at COM is FREE.  It is located through the main parking lot off to the right.  There has been a large electronic sign posted at the entry to the parking lot for the passed 2 weeks that says, "FREE Parking".  It is not clear if that means both the main parking lot and the dirt lot are now free.  I have asked, but at this time I have not heard back.  I believe a parking permit is $3.  Parking permits can be purchased at the small kiosk on the way into the parking lot.  If the main lot is not free, ticketing in the main parking lot in the past has been random--and not often.  However, park without a permit at your own risk.

What to Bring

Warm towel, bathing suit (anything that will stay on, but 'speedo style' preferred), goggles, and fins--Finis Floating brand only please.  We will have some used donated fins on hand that you may be able to use if you haven't been able to buy your fins yet, but unfortunately this will just be 'what we have'.  We definitely don't have enough for everybody.

What to Do When You Get To The Pool

One of the coaches will check the swimmers in either before practice or after. Parents, nannies, grandparents and siblings are welcome in the bleachers.  While we welcome the presence of our 'future Tidalwaves' at practices so they can 'catch the wave' of swim excitement, we need parents and caregivers to watch them carefully and keep them in and behind the bleachers so that coaches can focus their attention on the kids in the water.  Thank you for understanding the importance of this safety rule.   

If Your 8 & Under COM Swimmer Plans to Attend Splash Week...

As stated in the 'Splash Week Starts Monday' e-mail, COM 8 & Unders may attend Splash Week if they would like to be assessed for the Redwood 'Gold' practice group.  Of course, if a swimmer plans to go to Splash Week, we do not expect to see him or her at need to overdo.  

Locker Rooms

Men's and Women's locker rooms are at the pool and can be used for changing.  Please note these are NOT family locker rooms, and we have had many parents ask that little boys not be changed or showered in the Women's locker room.  

Carpool Arrangements

Many people have asked for lists of people in each practice group so that they can make carpool arrangements.  To respect the privacy of our members, I will not send lists out.  However, click here to go to our Member Search page on the website.  Once there you will need to log in to your Team Unify account and you can then search for Location COM and get a list of all swimmers and contact info for them to make carpool arrangements.  The Bacich to COM carpooling is quite easy, makes it fun for the kids, and will greatly ease anxieties about sibling pick ups!   

Is the COM Practice Group Still Open for New Registrations?

Yes!  Due to some requested changes, we now have about 10 spots available at COM for 'team ready' swimmers.  That said, our Tadpole group is FULL.  If you have friends that are interested, and who are likely to be assessed as 'team ready', please direct them to our website and tell them to register for an assessment.  We will be doing assessments at both COM and Redwood over the next 2 weeks for anyone who registers.