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Team Email 2-26-18

CONGRATS TO THE NEW TRIER HIGH SCHOOL BOYS on their 24th State Championship! 
Two new STATE records by NTA athletes: 
200 Medley Relay - 1:29.76 (previous record: 1:30.91) - Patrick Gridley, Charlie Scheinfeld, Ryan Gridley & Pearce Bailey
100 Breaststroke - 53.60 - (previous record: 53.80) - Charlie Scheinfeld 

And Congrats to ALL our HS State Swimmers -
Pearce Bailey - New Trier
Tommy Barr - Loyola Academy
Ben Dukes - Loyola Academy

Patrick Gridley - New Trier
Ryan Gridley - New Trier
Jacob Hagist - New Trier
Pierson Ohr - New Trier
Charlie Scheinfeld - New Trier
Nick Torre - New Trier
Ean Vandergraaf - New Trier

Congrats to ALL athletes who attending Regionals this weekend! We narrowly finished in 2nd place behind Swift and walked away with numerous new state qualifiers as well as a truckload of new personal bests! 

1) Please check the Google Calendar regularly. During water polo season (now until Mid-May), we have sporadic and inconsistent pool time. Anytime we are able to get the athletes in earlier, we are going to make every effort to do so, but sometimes that may be on short notice. In the event that happens, we will send out texts, notifications & emails as well as post online. We encourage you to have a verified number to recieve SMS messages in the Team Unify system. You can add that by logging into your account and adding that information to your account.  

2) Practice Schedule Philosophy. With state championships and Nationals coming up in the coming weeks, priority for prime pool time is placed on preparing those athletes for competition. Please bring your athlete to the appropriate workouts (State vs. Non-State) as pool time has been allocated based on those numbers. Relay emails will go out today and State relay athletes should look to attend State workouts.  This week is Senior State, so the senior team will have priority on the earlier pool time, with that flipping for next week to National and Age Group State athletes. 

3) New Traditions for State! In the past, athletes participating in relays had an unofficial tradition of bringing gifts for each other to the state dinner. This is an awesome tradition that encourages a strong team environment, however, we are getting to a point where athletes might not be on a relay and therefore not get a gift plus it was also becoming a little cost prohibitive if your athlete was on relays with a variety of athletes. Therefore, in consultation with our senior athlete representatives (Joelle Ohr & Ean Vandergraaf) we are going to have a team-wide team gift. Each athlete participating in Senior or Age Group State will be accessed a fee of $25 and this will cover the majority of the cost of a team-wide gift (it's awesome this year, don't worry!).

4) State Team Workouts. During the workouts leading up to the state meet - we will be running a number of great teammate bonding activities, so as to not lose the element of team camaraderie and support that the relay gifts so wonderfully encouraged! Try not to miss scheduled state workouts - as these are going to be not only critical for training and technique mastery in the next two weeks, but also really really fun!! 

5) Registration. Thank you for your patience in registration. Due to the style of registration for Team Unify, we are only able to have one active registration at a time. As a result, we will be opening spring/summer registration on Tuesday, February 27th and more information on that process will be communicated in a separate email tomorrow. 

6) Spring Break. We do NOT have Age Group (Swimming or Polo) workouts from March 24-April 8. Masters will have a reduced schedule, probably with some earlier hours in the evening and a bit later in the morning. Please note: We do have a tentative schedule posted for April & May, we are just negotiating out some small details that may effect the end times.  Relatively final schedules will be available by Friday on the Google. 

7) April 14th. SHARK SATURDAY! This day is not only our annual Hour of Power fundraiser for the Ted Mullin Fund for Cancer Research but also our ALL-Team Banquet. Please put it on your schedule NOW. The fundraising event will be in the morning and the banquet will be in mid-afternoon. More information will be emailed out on March 1st as HOP fundraising will kick off that day as well. Last year we raised over $25K...this year...maybe $30K???

Phenomenal weekend by ALL of our Sharks! Can't wait to see what's next!!