Club News February 26th 2018

“The first step towards getting somewhere

is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

– J.P. Morgan


Meet Results:

Results for the following meets are now available on the website under the EVENTS tab. As well as by clicking on the following links.

Salmon Arm Regional A Meet


February 23rd Academy Time Trial



Up Coming Events:


Swim BC Tier II Championships: March 2-4th

KISU is sending 19 swimmers to Kamloops this weekend for the Swim BC Tier II meet. GO KISU GO!


Swim BC Tier I Championships:  March 9-11th Registration Deadline Feb 27th

This is the first time the province has run the Tier format.  Swimmers need to have the Tier I time in 200 IM and one other event.

All KISU swimmers with Tier I times should be attending, as this is the new AAAs.  KISU is the host club so we should be there with as many swimmers as possible.

As Meets are a huge fundraiser for our club we are calling on all our members to volunteer. Each KISU family must be involved in the meet itself as each of the 5 sessions requires over 50 volunteers.  Please go to the ‘Job Signup’ link on the Tier 1 post on the KISU website to choose your positions for the meet by February 15. Minimum volunteer expectations are as below:


Training group of oldest swimmer in family

Number of volunteer positions to be filled

Mini Squad


Junior/Super Junior




Age Group




These positions can be done during the same session with a number of people or over the course of the weekend. You are also welcomed to invite family and friends to help you fulfill your volunteer requirement.  The choice is up to you but sign up early so that you get the time slots that work best for you! Contact Jacki at if you have any questions.


If you have connections with a business that would like to be involved in sponsoring or donating to our event, let us know and we can provide more details.


Swim BC Senior Open:  March 16-18, Registration Deadline: February 27th

This is the BC Senior Open meet (Long course).  This is the last opportunity to make additional Westerns or CSC cuts. 

There are no bonus events so swimmers will swim only what they qualify for.  It is recommended that swimmers have at least 3 times.  

KISU is hosting our DRAFT meet at home this same weekend. 


KISU Draft Meet:  March 17th, Registration Deadline February 27th

After last year's success, KISU is hosting our one day DRAFT meet again.

This is a meet where swimmers are 'drafted' on to different coaches/teams and will inter-mix with the rest of the swimmers in the region.  It is a one day meet and should be a lot of fun.  Be sure to sign up.

There is a clinic for all swimmers 7 - 9am.  The meet warm-up is at 10am. Projected finish is 4pm.

More information will be posted below when it is available.


VKSC Spring Invitational: April 7-8th Registration deadline: March 15th

Location - 3310-37Ave, Vernon

Coach's Editorial - this should be a great meet.  Vernon hasn't hosted a meet in April for a while so it would be great to have a large crew from KISU out to support the meet.  They are also really trying to support younger swimmers wanting to get times in the Distance events (800/1500).

Consider coming out for only one day. 

Warm ups - Saturday morning 7:30 am Afternoon session - 3:30pm, Sunday 7:30am.


  • Saturday morning - 100 Free, 200 Brst, 200 Fly, 100 Back, 400 IM.
  • Saturday afternoon - 200 Free, 100 Brst, 100 Fly, 200 Back and 200 IM.
  • Sunday - 50 Fly, 50 Back, 50 Brst, 100 IM plus 800/1500.*
  • *There are dequalifying times for the 800/1500.  800 = 10:20 (anyone faster than 10:20 will not be able to swim).  1500= 19:30. Limited to the top 40 swimmers/event.

Meet fees - $8/event.  Limit of 3 events/session.

Meet information is posted on the website in the meet package.


VKSC Spring Jamboree: April 8th Registration Deadline March 15th

Jamborees are for novice swimmers who have not yet gone faster than 4 minutes for their 200IM.  It is considered a developmental meet with the goal of it lasting less than 4 hours.

Location - 3310-37 Ave., Vernon

BASED on the fall Jamboree.  Details will be confirmed when the meet info. is posted.

Start time 1:30pm. Estimated finish at 6pm.

Cost - $6.50/event

 Coaches will decide on events.  More details posted in the meet information below.

This is a great local meet for our Jamboree swimmers.  We hope to see a large contingent of KISU Jamboree swimmers out for the Vernon Meet.


Wenatchee Apple Capital:  June 1st-3rd 2018 Registration Deadline Feb 28th

This is KISU highlight meet of the summer.  The meet is open to all Sub4 swimmers and we really encourage all swimmers to attend.  It is great experience - 10 lane outdoor pool, international competition.  It is also a great team bonding experience for KISU.  Don't miss out. 

There is an early deadline as this meet does fill up and we want to be first to get our entries in.

Also . . . book your hotel rooms early as this can be a big weekend for Wenatchee with other events happening at the same time so you want to get your hotel booked as soon as possible.  Unless you are camping!


KISU has a room block booked at the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel

Phone: 509.662.1234 

Check in: May 31   Check out: June 3

Single and double rooms: $140 USD per night

Triple rooms: $150 USD per night 

Quad rooms: $160 USD per night

Rates include a continental breakfast served 6:30 to 8:30 am

Please identify yourself with KISU Swim Club   Offer expires May 14, 2018



Parent Article:

Team Character - What Do You Do At A Swim Meet?

By John Leonard

Editor's Note to Parents: The following article is written for athletes. We are sending it to you for the simple reason that you know what coaches are expecting of athletes and we are hopeful for your support.

#1. Each individual needs to be self-reliant...this keeps any one person from dragging down others in any way.
#2. When #1 doesn't work, the TEAM picks up and helps the person who needs it.

#3. For just a few hours of a few days a year, we turn off our electronic "stuff" and focus on each other.
#4. We cheer for our teammates.
#5. We do all we can "realistically" to support each other.

Good swims get praise.
Ok Swims - we work to find the good things and learn from the bad.

Bad Swims - we help our teammates focus on the "next opportunity" which may come in minutes or a day later. Too late to mess with the past. No time.
#6. We are ALL responsible for creating the next great, inspiring swim by a teammate. CREATE SUCCESS, don't just "be a part of it".

#7. "if it's to be, it's up to me".
#8. "speak only to good effect."
#9. If you're not helping, you're hurting.
#10. Take care of the basics. Warm, dry, cool enough. Let those who need to focus, focus. Stay hydrated. Eat as NECESSARY, not as wanted.
#11. Take Extra goggles. Hoard extra team caps. Have both ready for when they break. Have an INDIVIDUAL PLAN to deal with these emergencies. (examples)

#12. Don't aid "pity parties". Everyone fails sometime. Get over it. Get on with it. Don't seek attention, don't drag others down. (including parents, this is about learning to cope with your own "stuff". )
#13. Plan your races. Have a plan. Don't wait for the coaches to devise one. Discuss it with the coach. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your performance.
#14. Warmup well. Loosen down well. More "next days" are ruined by poor end of night swim downs than anything else. Don't be in such a rush that you don't warm down.
#15. SHOES (not flip-flops). Energy leaves the body through the arch in your foot. Don't let it. Support the arch.
#16. Be EARLY for warmup. You never know when "stuff happens". (parking, traffic, accidents, etc. Be EARLY.)

#17. Positive speech, positive attitudes, encouraging.
#18. Smiles. Fake it till you make it. You will get there.
#19. Don't dwell on swims good or bad. Learn what you can, celebrate for a short period, think of next swim. Plan.
#20. Mentally rehearse ONLY what you can control.
#21. Mentally rehearse events a week or so in advance, once a day. Do NOT do it the day of the event. Just turn your brain off and swim. First you are MINDFUL, which you should do most of the season, then limit yourself to one key thought, and then at championship time, turn the brain off and swim. (mindless swims...)

#22. EAT simple carbohydrates at the meet. And not MUCH at all. What you eat DAYS Before the meet is what actually fuels you at the meet. There is no magic to what you eat at the meet. Just don't upset your stomach.
#23. Be extraordinarily kind and polite to everyone around you. When you are "the best you", it rubs off and it pays off. Be at your best.
#24. Anyone being mean to you, is more focused on you than on themselves. You know where that leads. Don't fret it. Be cool.
#25. Strive for objectivity. THINK after the meet about what you could do better next time. Write it down.
#26. Nothing great was ever achieved by have to be daring and have courage to approach races with enough bravado to be successful.
#27. When in doubt, get it front. We all swim better there.

#28. 200’s are split, smooth fast first quarter, control the 2nd quarter, descend 3rd quarter with power, descend 4th quarter kick with increase. (haven’t kicked hard enough in practice to do that?...good luck!)

#29. 100’sare not won in the first 50. They are won in the second 50. Especially long course.

#30. To combat Cranial - Rectal Insertion Syndrome, focus on HELPING SOMEONE ELSE who needs it more. If you can't find someone, LOOK HARDER. You will.
You can't fix yourself by being inside yourself...the view isn't nice in there.



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