State Meet updates!

Good Morning!

We are all getting very excited for states! If you know your session information, awesome. If you do not know what day/time/session your swimmer should be there please visit our state meet newsletter now (titled "State Meet Low-down"). This info is also availab4le on the swim meet tab, on the state meet event. Yesterday coaches posted swimmers events for this weekend on the Bluefish Office door, as well as upstairs on the Bluefish Bulletin Board. Check those to see what your swimmer will be swimming! Just know that all relays are subject to change. 

Now comes the tough part... jobs. There are still several job slots open, a reminder that our team is fined $100 per empty job! We would definitely rather have too many volunteers than too few. We need your help!!! Here are the unfilled jobs as of this morning:

  • Clean-up Crew- Session 6 (11-12 girls) meet begins at 1 pm, we need 5 folks who have girls swimming who can pick up the upstairs seating area after the girls are done! Coach Kelley has already volunteered, who will help her?!
  • Deck Marshall- Session 5 (8 & under boys and girls) 8 am warm-ups with a 9 am start. Marshalls limiy the amount of people on deck to parents watching their childrens events, swimmers and qualified coaches and officials. This is an awesome job right on deck! You won't even need to walk away for your swimmer's events... just turn around! We need 2 people for this job. 
  • Gate Staff- Session 5 (8 & under boys & girls) 8 am 1arm-up, 9 am start time. Gate Staff sell wristbands to spectators. A huge benefit of this job is you don't end up having to sit in the crowded balcony, your job is pretty much done by the time the meet starts (wristbands sell out very quickly) and you end up with a staff pass- which means you can see your child on deck and not be stopped by the marshall at the door! We need 2 people for this job.
  • Timers- Session 3 (9-10 girls) 12 pm start- 1 person,  and session 4 (11-12 and 13+ boys)- 2 people. We  are responsible for Lane 7, and need two timers for each session.

Let's get these jobs filled as soon as possible! There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board upstairs, if that's the only way to get your name down, then put it down there today! We really can't make it work without all of you, rockstar parents! 

IF SOMETHING HAPPENS AND YOU CANNOT MAKE IT THIS WEEKEND: email coaches at wcbluefish@gmail.com. We all monitor the email pretty obsessively during this weekend. We will send out a list of phone numbers to call or text if something happens after Friday. It is so important to us that after this long season of swim that your swimmers feel accomplished and can see a result of their months of hard work. This is why we strive for 100% participation at states. Of course for first year swimmers this can be a little intimidating, but we don't grow if we stay inside our comfort zones at all times. If your swimmer is nervous, consider taking them in early to peek at the previous session. Refer them to a coach or a seasoned swimmer to quell anxieties. This is meant to be a fun event for everyone, and we are sure that it will be! 

Friday practice is only for 11-12 girls and 13+ boys and will be from 3-4. There will be no red group practice on Friday.

Finally, we still have splash-a-thon money trickling in. Be sure to get yours in ASAP, and stay tuned for our Banquet info where all prizes will be given!