SWAT Board, General Meeting and Open Volunteer Positions

Hello SWAT Families,

What a weekend our 12 and Under Team had at State. We are all very proud of you!

This coming weekend our 13 and Over State Team competes. Swim Fast!

As a reminder, we are looking for someone or a group to be our Social Chair. Planning events and team gatherings. This does not have to be a board member.   Contact me if you are interested. This can be a group of parents.

Another open position on our team is Hospitality. Meets are our biggest generator of team funds outside of dues. Each year we “bid” on the large meets like Silver State or State. Coaches and team representatives vote on who should be awarded the meets. Without question, the venue is important. One issue that draws in coaches and teams is the Hospitality Room. This has always been a strong position for our team. The food and atmosphere are always top notch. This is usually a team of parents also. Our outgoing Hospitality Committee will help those get acquainted.  Please contact me with questions.

Each year our team holds an annual meeting. At this meeting, we cover a variety of subjects. This year our tentative date and location are March 24 at Greenfield High School. One issue to be covered is an election of Board Members. This position is all volunteer. There is no pay or credits. We work swim meets and social events as needed. We cover all things related to the team. Meeting once a month, on the second Tuesday. Those meetings last 3-4 hours. You also have other volunteer duties that help our team run. It does take time and effort.

Tom Stigler, a long time dedicated team and Board Member has stepped down as he simply cannot give the time and effort that he has in the past. He will be truly missed. He is an excellent leader and example of our team. Thank you, Tom! If you see him, please thank him for excellent service to our community and team.

Each year three positions go up and this year the three people are, Brian Jacobson who is currently our Treasurer, Andy Misorski who is our Vice President, and an open spot where Tom would have been.

Please contact me with interest in joining the board with an introduction and short bio. Submissions must be received by March 10 at 11:59 P.M.

Thank you all.


Mike Mellock

President/Chairman of the Board