Super Scoop #17

Super Scoop
Tuesday, 2/27/18

Greetings Super Bronze and Super Squad Families!

This will be one of the last issues of the Super Scoop for this season, please read about important information for the end of the season and beginning of the next season!

This issue of the Super Scoop will have Practice Changes, Regional Champs Information, Lost & Found (Updated), End of Season, Start of Next Season, Move-Up Info, 2 Special Events, and Possible Summer Meet Dates to keep in mind + their Sign-Ups.


SB Schedule Changes:

Saturday, 3/3 – No Practice (Regional Championship)
Wednesday, 3/7 – Final Day of Season (PARTAY!!)
Wednesday, 4/4 – First Day of Long Course Season

SS Schedule Changes:

Saturday, 3/3 – No Practice (Regional Championship)
Wednesday, 3/7 – Final Day of Season (PARTAY!!)
Tuesday, 4/3 – First Day of Long Course Season

Our Summer Season Practice Schedule will be released soon. Something to note, we split our Summer Season Practice Schedule into 2 different schedules…1) from the beginning of the season until school lets out, & 2) when School lets out until the end of the season around late July. Stay Tuned for those to be posted in the near future. These Practice Schedules will be posted under the PRACTICE tab on the Team Website.

You will be notified of your Squad Placement for next season sometime during the week after the Regional Championship Meet. Some swimmers will stay in their current group and some will move on to the next group. As you may remember from our Parent Meeting, this decision is at the Coaches discretion, we talk at length about each swimmer and where they will fit best, and includes factors such as Attendance, Skill Set, Behavior, and Performance to name a few. A stay in the same group does not mean that the swimmer has not progressed, rather it simply means that that group is the best placement for them for the next season what the next season may bring. We also encourage our 48-Hour Rule, meaning please don’t rush into an email firing back at us about disappointment, discouragement, etc. Please talk with your swimmer about why they think the placement was the way it was, and then I would be happy to talk with the Swimmer’s about why the Coaching Staff came to the decision that we did. I cannot stress enough, that I will be happy to talk with any and all Swimmers about the decision, and keep in mind that we are always looking at their LONG TERM development in the sport of swimming.


Meet Entries:

CT Regional Championship
Date: Saturday, March 3rd & Sunday, March 4th (SB & SS not attending Friday)
          Time: Girls Check-In @ 6:45am; Boys Check-In @ 11:45am
          Location: Southern CT State University, 125 Wintergreen Avenue, New Haven, CT
          Registration Deadline: CLOSED

Meet Results:

WYW October Kickoff
WYW Thanksgiving Invite
WYW 12/Under Pentathlon
FLY/CIY Long Island Holiday Invite
BDEV January Qualifier
9-12 CT YMCA State Championship
8/Under CT YMCA State Championship
WHAT Invitational
HMST 8/Under Finale

Possible Meet Dates for Long Course Season:

**There will be Sign-Ups for these Meets being posted sometime next week. These Sign-Ups will be slightly different than the normal…they will simply be Yes/No (you will not get an option to select which days they can attend), however, I need everyone to write in the comments which days they can attend. The CT Summer Meets fill up VERY quickly, and since we are a large team, we need to get our entry to the Host Team on the day that it opens, otherwise we will be left out!

4/29: WHAT Invite
- Short Course, Themed Meet, always fun to attend, great for anyone in SB or SS…even better for those who are not ready for Long Course Meet just yet
5/5: RYWC Pentathlon
- For those Ready for a Long Course Meet, typically SS
5/11-13: WYW Summer Qualifier
- Home Meet for those ready for a Long Course Meet, typically SS, but some SB may be ready as well
5/18-20: CDOG Invite
- Hopefully by now, both squads are fully prepared for a Long Course Race
6/7: WRAT Short Course Invite
- A fun mid-season Short Course Meet, to make sure we still remember our skills for turns, and some short races for the youngest Wahoos
6/15-17: CDOG Summer Invite
- A chance for Swimmers in both squads to try some new events Long Course style!
6/29-7/1: WHAT Last Chance Invite
- A final opportunity to swim an event for the first time, or to finally get that legal swim!

**These Dates are Tentative, and may change.**

Special Events:

End of Season Party:
We will have our final Super Bronze & Super Squad End of the Season Party on Wednesday, March 7th from 5:00-6:00pm. I know this isn’t a normal Super Squad practice day, but with enough advanced notice, I’m hoping everyone can make it work. This will be like in the past, where we have a Pool Party from 5:00-6:00pm, then have a Food Party from 6:00-???. This is always a fun event, and I hope everyone can make it!

Lost and Found:
I have accumulated quite a few pieces of Wahoo attire over the past couple of Meets. There is a LOST AND FOUND link in the Parents tab of the Team Website. If you have LOST an article of clothing, a swim suit, and/or related item or FOUND something please let me know and you can drop it off at the Wahoo Office or give to me before/after a practice.
***Items have been Updated as of 2/27/18***

Swamp Romp Fundraiser
The Coaching Staff will again be participating in the YMCA’s Swamp Romp! If the team raises enough money, the Coaching Staff will take the icy plunge into Gordy’s Pond. More details can be seen here on our website:

Our VP’s will have a collection box if you wish to donate cash, or you can donate online. Whichever you choose, please specify which group you are donating on behalf of, as the winning group will get an Ice Cream Party! Last year the Super Bronze group won the Ice Cream Party, so I would like to keep the tradition somewhere amongst my groups!...Plus you will get to see us take a frozen plunge as payback for all of the days of swim practice!

Coach Dave