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Coach Amy’s Comments:

1.) Divisionals: Good luck to all our Divisionals swimmers this weekend!  Shirt colors will be Friday – black, Saturday – red, and Sunday – white or gray. Reminder, this is a prelim/final championship format meet. Your swimmer is expected to swim in the final session unless previously discussed with their coach. If a swimmer misses a prelim event, they are done for the remainder of that session. They can still swim finals for any events they qualified for prior to that missed event. If a swimmer is a no-show for finals, even if they are an alternate, they are out for the remainder of the meet.

2.) Last Practices: If your swimmer has not qualified for a Championship meet (Divisionals/State/Sectionals), their last practice is today (February 27th). If your swimmer is on the middle school team and club team, but they are not competing in Divisionals or State, then they will need to go to Middle School team practices beginning tomorrow (28th).  Don’t forget that ALL swimmers are assumed to be swimming Summer/Long Course season unless you send an email to Chris Cuadros ( by tomorrow stating otherwise.

3.) Long Course - New swimmer evaluations and registration will be April 5 (returning swimmers do NOT need to re-register), and long course season will begin on April 9. Emails will be sent out to those swimmers who will be moving up groups.

Unfulfilled Volunteer Credits - Any families with unfulfilled Volunteer Credits will be billed the $60 per credit fee on March 1st. If you have questions, please email Kim Ferguson at .

Rock the Block Run – Although CGAC is now qualified to compete for grant money (thank you to those that signed up), we STILL need your support by signing up to walk/run/sleep-in the 5K/10K/Kids Run on April 21st at 8:30 am at CGHS.  Register now at for Early Registration pricing.  Don’t forget to select Center Grove Aquatic Club as the charity you are supporting!  The more people we have sign-up, the more likely our club will win BIG money!!!  The non-profit groups with the most participants win grant money.  Let’s do this CGAC!!!

Ongoing Updates & Reminders

Meet Packet Information and Directions/Maps:

Congratulations to all of our swimmers as the short course season is winding down!  For those swimmers who have qualified to compete at the following Championship meets: SE Divisionals, Age Group State, Senior State, & Speedo Sectionals, the meet packets for each championship meet are now listed on the website under each event.

  1. For SE Divisional Championships: Click here to access the current meet information packet and map directions.
  2. For Senior State Championships: Click here to access the current meet information packet and map directions
  3. For Age Group State Championships: Click here to access the current meet information packet and map directions
  4. For Speedo Sectional Championships: Click here to access the current meet information packet and map directions

Team Calendar Changes: As championship season approaches, team practice times may vary, especially in March.  Please ensure you follow the email instructions around practices time changes set by your swimmer's coach.  We will try to update the team practice calendar in advance as we become aware of changes to practice times.  First day of practice for long course season is set for Monday April 9th!  Regular practice times will be posted beginning in April for all teams.

2018 Long Course Season Meet Schedule Now Posted: The 2018 Long Course (Spring and Summer) meet schedule is now posted on our team website.  Please know that the meet dates are tentative and could change if the meet host changes dates.  We will inform you if any changes are made to the meet dates.  With every meet, there is a "RSVP Deadline" date listed. Pay close attention to these 'RSVP deadlines dates" to RSVP your swimmer to attend the meets.  Meet Entry deadlines are set by the host club (not CGAC) as some meets fill up quickly.  The RSVP deadline date is set by CGAC to allow our families enough time to sign their swimmer up so we can participate in the meet. Some meets have entry requirements and are limited to certain teams. This information and more can be found on each event information page.  You can see that by clicking each swim meet link on the front page of the website.  Meet information, maps/directions are listed on each event page: i.e. Samantha's House Charity 14 & Under at UIndy.  Meet information packets will be uploaded later as they are published by the host team. Additional meets may be added for the Senior team later in Spring per Coach Todd and Coach Hite.

Long Course Season or 'LCM': If you are new to Long Course season and want to better understand what the difference is between short course and long course, click here on our website (listed on the FAQ page under 'Swim Meets") for a good explanation of Short pool/long season and long pool/short season.

Mark your Calendars: Here are some important dates for the long course season: 

                                             April 5th- New swimmer registration 

(Returning swimmers do NOT need to re-register for long course season)

                                              April 9th- First day of practice for ALL competitive teams  

                                              April 21st- AM: Rock the Block (SIGN UPS NOW OPEN)

           PM: Samantha's House Fundraiser and 14U                                      Meet @ UINDY

 *** Tentative 2018 Long Course Meet Schedule will be posted in the coming weeks***

2018 NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships – This meet is coming to Indianapolis March 21-24 at the IU Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI!  It is $5 per ticket to any session of the championships. Use the password NCAA18.  The Indiana Swimming exclusive offer and presale begins January 29th at 12:00pm EST.  Visit to purchase your tickets!  There are also volunteer opportunities available.

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