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Meet Susan Kester

Meet New Manatee, Susan Kester

Susan had been a lap swimmer at the Emeryville Pool when an enthusiastic Coach Rob persuaded her to try swimming with the team.  She found the experience enjoyable and joined our team in July, 2017.  

Susan was delighted to find that the team provides not only a group of people to swim with, but is a community that is fun and energetic.  On the mornings she swims, she hits the snooze alarm a couple of times, gets out of the house, drives over to the pool in the early, dark hours and is gratified to find her fellow swimmers at the pool always smiling, enthusiastic and ready to swim.  Susan is surprised at how many good book and movie recommendations she gets from her fellow Manatees in the locker room.  

Susan grew up in New York and Connecticut and moved to the Bay Area about 25 years ago. She has been living in Emeryville for about 2 years and has only a 6 minute commute to the pool.  She is a Project Manager for PG&E and when she is not working or swimming, Susan likes to garden, hike, cook, and catch-up with friends. 

Susan took swimming lessons growing up and swam on her own before joining the team.  Before moving to Oakland, running was her main form of exercise, but that has been replaced by swimming.  For now, her favorite strokes are freestyle and backstroke, but she aspires to swim all the strokes well enough so as not to discriminate among them.  Susan is excited that there are many areas of swimming that she can work on to improve and is interested in participating in a meet.   

Susan’s guilty pleasure is a good cocktail.  Susan usually swims at the 6:30 workouts during the work week and at 8:30 or 9:30 on Saturday.