Q & A with Rec Coach Darien Chan


Q&A with Recreational Coach Darien Chan:

Q: How long have you been coaching the Alagators? What was your swimming/coaching experience before that?

A: I have been swimming competitively for about 12 years. I was on a swim team in Oakland for most of my swimming career and the last two years I started to train with the Alagators. Now I am a new swim coach for the recreational group at Lincoln pool.

Q: What do you do when you’re not coaching?

A: Outside of coaching, I go to San Francisco State University and I'm majoring in nursing. I am also a US Masters swimmer and water polo player and I play basketball in my free time.

Q: Any advice for new swimmers?

A: My advice for new swimmers is to always remember to have fun when you're swimming. It can be easy to forget that when you have a bad day or you just don't feel like getting wet!

Q: Any advice for more seasoned swimmers?

A: For more seasoned swimmers, my advice would stay the same; have fun with swimming and enjoy the time you spend in the pool and with your teammates. Also, be patient and trust your coaches! If you work hard and do your best, you will succeed in the future. Trust the process!

Q: Anything else you might like to say to your swimmers?

A: "Just keep swimming." - Dori