SRST: March Relays as of 2-28-18

Hello Team,



1)  The NCSA relays that say "Good" are all confirmed by those listed and we will swim these relays in Florida.  If you are a "relay" only swimmer please note you can sign-up (and need to ASAP on the SRST website) for 2 bonus swims.

2)  Some of the NCSA relays MIGHT still happen pending results from this weekend.  If you are on one of the relays that is not yet approved AND you would like to swim in Florida (2 races) even if there is no relay, please sign-up for 2 individual swims on the SRST website.  For those people in this category we will be entering a relay (even though we won't have enough swimmers) and this will allow you to get into the meet and get your two swims.

I will be in touch after the meet this weekend to update you all on the relays that are not marked as "Good" (approved).

3)  We will not be swimming any relays at Senior Sectionals this season.

4)  The AGR relays are "as of 2/28/18".  They are subject to change based on the results from the next three meets (Anacortes/Last Chance/Showdown).  I will email everyone immediately after the weekend of 3/10/18 to update you all on final relay decisions.

Questions?  Email Coach Ben