Wahoo Age Grouper News

Wahoo Age Grouper News

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CTSwimming Regional Championships-

Location- At SCSU Moore Fieldhouse Pool, 125 Wintergreen Ave, New Haven, CT

Seating- Chairs and benches are provided for swimmers on deck. No deck chairs allowed.

Suits- 12&Under Wahoo swimmers may wear team suits or black speedo aquablade. (13&Overs from Gold Group can see me if they have questions about suits).

Team Colors- Wear Gold on Saturday and Maroon on Sunday. (Swimmers’ choice on Friday).

Relays- There are relays to end the session on both Saturday and Sunday. Many Maroon and Gold swimmers will swim relays as the lead off swimmers can use these times for potential Age Groups qualifying times. Please make sure your swimmer does not leave the deck until they verify they are done for the day.

Friday PM- 10&Under 200 IM, 12&Under 200 Free/400 IM

  • Check in 4:00pm, Warm Up 4:25pm

Saturday Morning-

  • 12&Under Girls Check In 7:00am, Warm up 7:45am
  • 13&Over Boys Check In 6:45am, Warm Up 7:00am

Saturday Afternoon-

  • 12&Boys Check In Noon, Warm Up 12:25pm
  • 13&Over Girls Check In Noon, Warm Up 12:45pm

Sunday Morning-

  • 12&Under Girls Check In 7:00am, Warm up 7:25am
  • 13&Over Boys Check In 6:45am, Warm Up 7:00am

Sunday Afternoon-

  • 12&Boys Check In 12:45pm, Warm Up 1:10pm
  • 13&Over Girls Check In 12:30pm, Warm Up 12:45pm

Wahoo Age Groupers March Practice Schedule- IMPORTANT

March is championship season in swimming. With multiple big meets for age grouper and senior swimmers there are lots of schedule changes. To make things as easy to follow as possible I’ve made a calendar for the Wahoo Age Groupers to follow which can be found here.

I will also share in my Wahoo Age Grouper News near term upcoming changes.

  • Friday, March 2nd- Normal Maroon, Gold 6:30-7:45pm, no dryland.
  • Saturday, March 3rd- Age Group Qualifiers not attending Regionals 8:30-10:00am
  • Monday, March 5th- Age Group Qualifiers only 5:15-7:00pm. (Non-qualifiers have night off.)

Looking Ahead… Long Course Season 2018

  The long course meet schedule is viewable here. (The 13&Over schedule is not complete but they will somewhat mirror ours and attend the home meets plus the CDOG June Meet or travel to New Jersey.) Tentative signups for several meets are now open and can be found via links on the meet schedule page.

IMPORTANT REMINDER- Long Course meets fill very quickly and some will likely close before we return from break on April 9th. To avoid possibly being shut out of meets please make use of the preliminary sign ups (just in or out, no details or event selection yet) for each long course meet. Please make sure to visit those sign ups before leaving the pool for the season. If you are not sure of your summer plans remember it is MUCH easier to remove a swimmer from a meet than it is to try to add one at a later time.

See you on deck,

Coach Alex