March Newsletter

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Volume 2, Issue 3


“You can’t get much done in your life if you only work on the days you feel good.”
~Jerry West, Basketball Hall of Famer
Congratulations to all our swimmers who swam at meets this month!  We had a good amount of swimmers get state qualifying times at the Last Chance Meet.  We also had our high school swimmers represent MAKO very well at Districts and High School State Championships.  Continue reading to find out how great they were! 

Congratulations to our swimmers who swam at the B Championships!  This was our first time scoring this Championship and MAKO took 2nd!  It was so amazing seeing how ready and how fast our swimmers were at this meet!

We are continuing on with the Championships Season with Club State next and then Sectionals.  We have a lot of swimmers swimming at Club State.  This is going to be a very exciting finish to the Championship Season! 

After Club State we will be getting back to the basics and working on more technique to improve our swimming efficiency.
No Practice Dates
  • March 2nd-3rd for State
  • March 5th for State
  • March 26th-31st for Spring Break
  1st-4th Club State Championships
  • Hosted at West Mesa.  This meet is for anyone that has state qualifying times in an event and that has not swam at B Champs.  This meet is also for the swimmers that were chosen to represent MAKO in a relay.  Please check the event page to see if your swimmer was selected.  If your swimmer was not selected it was because we could not form anymore relays.  Please continue to encourage your swimmers to try their best!
10th MAKO Awards Celebration
  • Join us for a presentation highlighting last summer and this season's accomplishments.  Coach Jeremiah will give a state of the team speech.  We will also highlight and applause all groups/swimmers!  After the presentation we will watch A Wrinkle in Time.
22nd-25th Sectionals
  • Good luck to our swimmers that qualified for this extremely fast meet! 



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What you need to know about calcium and bone health

Olivia is a 13-year old swimmer. Her mom told me that Olivia wants to be vegan and she is concerned about getting enough protein on a plant-based eating plan. We talked about  protein, but the conversation soon turned to bone health. When I asked Olivia about calcium-rich foods, she said, “I eat broccoli.” True, broccoli contains some calcium, but she would need to eat 62 cups of broccoli to get the needed 1300 milligrams of calcium. Adolescence is a crucial time for bone health.


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The Double Defeat

I recently reread When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi. NFL legendary coach Vince Lombardi had a profound understanding of the human spirit and used rhetoric as his number one tool. The quote I hear most often from this legendary NFL coach is: 
"Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing."
Many coaches make the mistake in thinking Lombardi was obsessed with the scoreboard. The rest of the quote goes like this:

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Success Board


Event Record Holder(s) Date Set Time
Male 17 & Over 50 Back Meyer, Eli W 02/16/2018 25.24
Male 17 & Over 50 Fly Lawson, Robert M 02/11/2018 26.73
Male 17 & Over 100 Breast Meyer, Eli W 02/16/2018 59.28
Male 17 & Over 200 IM Meyer, Eli W 02/16/2018 1:56.59
Male 17 & Over 400 IM Lawson, Robert M 02/10/2018 5:09.74
Male 15 & Over 50 Back Meyer, Eli W 02/16/2018 25.24
Male 15 & Over 100 Breast Meyer, Eli W 02/16/2018 59.28
Male 15 & Over 100 Fly Pazand, Camron K 02/16/2018 52.85
Male 15 & Over 200 IM Meyer, Eli W 02/16/2018 1:56.59
Male 15 & Over 400 IM Lawson, Robert M 02/10/2018 5:09.74
Female 13-14 100 Fly Kundeling, Sowang 02/16/2018 59.58
Female 8 & Under 100 Breast Bonnett, Maya L 02/11/2018 1:54.08
Female 17 & Over 50 Back Tscherne, Jazmine L 02/16/2018 27.73
Female 17 & Over 100 Back Tscherne, Jazmine L 02/16/2018 58.79
Female 17 & Over 100 Fly Tscherne, Jazmine L 02/16/2018 1:01.44
Female 17 & Over 100 Free Tscherne, Jazmine L 02/16/2018 55.05
Female 15 & Over 100 Back Jones, Hannah V 02/16/2018 58.09
Female 15 & Over 100 Fly Tscherne, Jazmine L 02/16/2018 1:01.44
Female 15 & Over 100 Free Jones, Hannah V 02/16/2018 53.92
Female 15 & Over 200 Free Gaffney, Destyn M 02/16/2018 1:59.61
Congratulations to all of our high school swimmers! MAKO had swimmers in St Pius, Academy, Cleveland, and Rio Rancho High Schools. They all raced with amazing speed effort and consistency! Every race was inspirational and energized the whole stadium! 

Congratulations to the Cleveland Boys High school Team for claiming their 1st District Championships! 

Here is a video of an inspirational Relay!  It shows that you should stay focused, stay gritty, and never give up!
Congratulations to all of our high school swimmers! MAKO had swimmers in St Pius, Academy, Cleveland, and Rio Rancho High Schools. We had so many qualify for High School State.  We had the most swim at finals than we've ever had!  It is very hard to make top 16 and extremely hard to make top 8!  
B Championships
For the first time ever in NMS history we scored this Championship and MAKO took 1st!  We had so many complements from other team's parents about how fast all swimmers were doing.  Great job MAKO!!!
High School Districts
Destyn Gaffney 3rd 200 Fr, 5th 100Fr
Jake Whisenhunt 3rd 200 Fr
Jordyn Wemhoner 3rd 200IM, 6th 100Fly
Ixel Conejo 4th 200IM, 5th 500 Fr
Chelsey Southwell 6th 200IM, 5th 100 Br
Sowang Kundeling 2nd 50 Fr, 2nd 100 Fr
Camron Pazand 1st 50 Fr, 1st 100 Bk
Eli Meyer 1st 100 Br, 2nd 50 Fr
Thomas McLaughlin 6th 50 Fr, 5th 100 Fr
Jazzy Tscherne 1st 100 Fly, 3rd 500 Fr
Avy Chavez-Rodriguez 3rd 100Bk, 4th 100 Fly
Hannah Hady 8th 100 Fly
Kendal Southwell 4th 100 Fly
Hannah Jones 1st 100Bk, 3rd 100 Fr
Brady Peters 2nd 100 Fr, 2nd 100 Bk
Jadelyn VanSweden 8th 500 Fr
Lexie Boyer 8th 100 Bk

High School State
Destyn Gaffney 8th 200Fr
Eli Meyer 4th 200IM, 4th 100 Br
Sowang Kundeling 3rd 100 Fly, 8th 50 Fr
Camron Pazan 5th 100 Fly, 7th 100 Bk
Hannah Jones 2nd 100 Bk, 3rd 100 Fr
Jazzy Tscherne 4th 100 Bk
Kendal Southwell 7th 100 Br

B Championships
Jake Ahyo 4th 50 Fr, 3rd Br, 2nd 100IM
Luke Bemish 1st 50 Bk, 5th 50 Br, 1st 50 Fly, 6th 100 Fr, 2nd 100 Bk, 3rd 100 Br, 1st 100 Fly
Dylan Bonnett 1st 50 Fr, 1st 50 Fly, 1st 500 Fr, 2nd 100 Fr, 1st 200IM
Maya Bonnett 7th 25 Bk, 4th 25 Br, 6th 50 Bk, 3rd 50 Br
Emma Easton 6th 100IM, 8th 50 Br, 7th 200Fr, 7th 100Fr, 6th 100Bk, 6th 100Br
Connor Fuchs 2nd 50Bk, 6th 50 Fr, 4th 50Br
Kyra Graham 4th 50 Fly, 8th 50 Bk, 8th 100 Bk, 2nd 100Fly
Richard Hall 1st 50 Bk, 5th 50 Fr, 5th 50 Br
Brandon Maier 2nd 50 Fly, 6th 50 Bk
Ashlee Mainella 2nd 50 Fr, 2nd 50Bk, 7th 50 Br, 1st 100IM, 4th 100Fr, 4th 100Bk
Nolan Ortiz 4th 25 Fr, 4th 25 Bk
Abby Patnode 2nd 200 Br, 4th 50 Br, 5th 100Br
Jaselle Patnode 1st 50Fly, 2nd 50 Br, 1st 200Fr, 1st 500Fr, 1st 100Bk, 1st 100Br, 1st 200IM
Ben Paul 2nd 50 Fly, 6th 50Bk, 8th 50Fr, 4th 200Fr, 8th 100Fr, 7th 100Bk, 2nd 100Fly, 7th 200IM
Nate Paul 3rd 50Fr, 5th 50Bk, 3rd 100IM, 2nd 200Fr, 4th 100Fr, 3rd 100Bk
Kevin Perez 1st 50Fr, 1st 50Br, 1st 200Fr, 1st 500Fr
Dani Ruiz 2nd 500Fr, 7th 50Fr, 6th 100Bk, 7th 200IM
Maya Willimason 6th 50Fr, 5th 50Br
Madi Woods-Marks 5th 50Bk, 5th 50Br, 6th 200Fr
Happy Birthday to our March Birthday Swimmers!
Kylie Vanderpool
Kymberlie Wilson
Samir Raki
Vanessa Cichy
Anna Albrecht
Sophia Judd
Mariana Martinez
Thomas McCarthy
Jordan Ayers
Olivia Daniels
Aiyanna Masih
Cortland Flores
Joshua Shaver
Brandon Maier
Lillian Moon