CIA NEWSLETTER 2018 MAR "The Importance of Failure"
The Importance of Failure
As we come to the end of championship season, we hope each athlete has achieved personal bests in each event or achieve whatever their goal was, but we as a staff know this isn’t always possible. With our transition from our short to long course seasons, we ask the athletes to reflect upon the season past, find the things they did that led to success, and explore opportunities where they can improve. Sometimes this is a very hard thing for an athlete to do. Failure, or not achieving our goals, forces us to review our actions with a much more critical eye. 
One of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is to constantly succeed with no setbacks. With each new success, an athlete sees all of their actions in a positive light. Maybe they think it was OK for them to take a set off during practice because they’re already faster than those around them. Maybe they think their technique is already perfect.  Maybe they believe they already know everything they need with technique and training so they don’t search for new ways to improve. I’ve had athletes tell me all of these things. It’s always a struggle to convince them otherwise until they begin to falter no matter how hard I try to convince them otherwise. 
Failure is not bad. It is a necessary part of our growth and development. Our reaction to failure is what will determine our future success. It could be rethinking our race strategy, changing our practice habits, or learning how to recover and take care of our body better.  As long as we keep reflecting and finding ways to improve, we will always get better and turn our failure into success!

Together we are CIA!
Coach Cody