BASH Update and A Championship info


A Championship Information-

Friday evening and Saturday Sunday days are at ME Lyons Y, 8108 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45244

Finals for 11 and over are Saturday and Sunday evening at Powel Crosley YMCA, 9601 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231

BASH Swimmers’ Notes – 1) be on time to warm ups each day, 2) Wear your new Championship tee to Saturday’s meet, your new BASH tee for the season (the one for pictures) to Sunday and only wear BASH swim caps at the meet, 3) if you make finals as an 11 and over swimmer – we expect you to swim finals – it may be your only chance to swim finals and one more chance to earn a AA time for next weekend, 4) if you earn a new AA time, we will automatically enter you into AA’s, 5) come with a positive attitude and ready to swim best times!


Friday Evening          

            BASH warm up: 4:50 pm

            Officials:  5 pm (near indoor pool)

            Timers:  5 pm (on deck)

            Meet starts 5:35 PM, BASH done about 8 PM


Saturday and Sunday AM

            BASH warm up: Saturday 7:00-7:25 AM, Sunday 6:45-7:05 AM

            Officials: 7:00 am (near indoor pool)

            Timers: 7:00 am (on deck)

            Meet starts: 7:30 am, most of BASH is done about 12 Noon each day


Saturday and Sunday PM (subject to change based on timeline)

            BASH warm up: 12:30-12:50 AM each day

            Officials 12:30 pm (near indoor pool)

            Timers 12:30 pm (on deck)

            Meet starts 1:00 pm, BASH done about 4:30 PM each day

Saturday and Sunday Finals at Powel Crosley YMCA

Officials meeting:  5:45 pm - BASH must supply officials

Timers meeting:    5:45 pm - BASH must supply  4 Timers

BASH warm up: 5:00 PM

Meet starts:   6:10 PM

SCRATCH RULE FOR FINALS for A’s and also AA’s – If a swimmer does not scratch and fails to show up at Finals, he/she will:

 A. Miss his/her next event

 B. Or if the Finals event is his/her last event, a $25 fine will be imposed on the team.

Practice Schedule Changes

Friday, March 2- All regular except AG 1-2 will swim 5:30-7:00 PM

Saturday, March 3 – Swimmers not in A’s – Senior 1-2-3 will swim 7:30-9:30 AM then weights,

AG 1-2 will swim 8- 9 AM

Sunday, March 4 – NO practices due to coaches at the meet all weekend.