2018 ND SC Championship Meet Updates - Event File

Hello All,

We are a little under 3 weeks until the state meet starts in Grand Forks.  I had a question today about the event file and why there are events that are listed as 19 & Older events.  The 19 & Older events are to accomodate 2 different groups of athletes:  1) Any 19 & Older athlete wanting to swim in the event   OR 2) Any athlete that wants to compete in the event in the open category.  Since we have a complicated set of age groups the easiest option in Meet Manager was to create a separate event that will be combine for seeding with the 13-18 category.

Another question I have received is in regards to who is eligible to swim the 800 Free Relays.  The 800 Free Relay is an open event.  Any athlete may swim in the open category but many not exceed the number of relays per day.  For example, a 12 year old athlete may swim the 800 free relay but would not be able to swim a second relay on Friday in Session 2.  

If you have any questions in regards to the meet file please feel free to email or call my cell phone (contact information is listed in the meet information.)  After I receive your entries, I diligently try to make sure everything is entered into the correct category.  Also if you have a relay that does not meet a standard age group of 13-14, 15-16, or 17-18 they will be listed as an open relay but appear in the results as a 19 & Older Event Result.  This is the SAME format that was used last year and is once again a limitation of Meet Manager when setting up the meet file.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck to those athletes and coaches who are competing at the NDHSAA Boys State Championship meet.

Janna Schill