PHOTOS NEEDED for Banquet Slideshow!!!

 Hi All

The Banquet is just around the corner on April 8th.  One of the best parts of the banquet is the slideshow which is made up of photos taken during the season.  Megan Uiling and Tiffany Knoop are going to prepare the slideshow for this year's banquet but they cannot do it without photos provided by all of our families.  This is not the sort of project that can be done at the last minute so I am asking all families to PLEASE forward your swim photos to Megan using the team dropbox which you can access using this new link  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/9573bq3p37iscgnpwwbno/AABMu0HdFRYzmKmtZVLIaG7sa?dl=0&oref=e&r=AAn0x-K53rto84z_Wmu4i28zBdU2xbOXfGfoXO9E8wTRlcPyb022d8vptEWSWGiLfFjyod8W4U7SSdzNApMavG3wzza1uIvfDVGuWumaAJBXDDP6xJtjN6Ys5lFEv3JtTkCMP0Id6gnOe4gQkyg8SSa5aTuDBb6I2RYuqngm7guPPciWt7eWZFKGD1aYnZGc3xSEsULMaJMt3tlWIdf6zzCu&sm=1

or, if you are still experiencing difficulty using the dropbox, by forwarding your photos directly to Megan by email at meganuiling@me.com If you have been waiting to get around to sending your photos, NOW is the time to do it. 

Photos can be of swimmers and/or coaches at meets, at practice or even away from the pool!  We also welcome photos of parents while cheering for our swimmers or volunteering at events, including parent officials!


PLEASE NOTE that all of the photos that are used in the slideshow will be used for the teams' viewing only and will not be posted on the team website or other public forum without permission.

Thank you!