February CAATastic Swimmers


CAATfish – Mira Sheth

Mira just recently joined CAAT, but you'd never know it by looking at her now. She has made great improvements since joining, the biggest being her flip turns. She always come to practice with a positive attitude and is constantly working hard at practice to get better. This past weekend she competed at her first swim meet ever and did amazing! She overcame her fear of racing and it was amazing to watch. I can't wait to see what she will accomplish the rest of this season. Great job Mira!


Stroke Development – Peter Straley

Peter began the month by asking what it took to be a CAATastic Swimmer.  When he asked, I wasn’t sure how he would respond, if he would do well for a week or so and then fall off, or if he would step up over the course of the month.  I’m happy to say it was the latter.  Peter has shown up to practices (2nd highest attendance in the group), worked on weaknesses (underwaters and kicking), and stepped up his expectations for himself (leading or challenging the leaders of the lane).  Peter, great job backing up your words with actions, setting an ambitious goal and following through!


Age Group – T Pearson

T has been steadily improving throughout the season.  What set February apart?  T stepped up his game from making the B interval to leading the B interval.  T has shown tenacity in making tough intervals and competitiveness in moving up to lead the lane.  His hard work paid off at February Divisionals where he won 4 of the events.  Keep up the great work, T! 


Fitness – Mia Andreeva

Mia has had a good season so far.  She comes to every practices ready to work hard, and always gives her best at every meet she attends. This month Mia has demonstrated excellent work during Workout Wednesday’s.  She has made all test sets and has kept her name near the top of the WoW lists. She’s a great example to her teammates during practices.  Mia encourages them to push themselves and finish every workout set.


Age Group Performance – Elise Scott

Elise has made it a point to show that effort and performance are directly related. She comes to practice ready to work and willing to make adjustments. Lately, she has been working on improving her fly and has discovered that she can swim more than just breaststroke!


Senior – Cassidy Wells

Cassidy has the second highest attendance in the group for the month, and always has a smile. At practices Cassidy has been working on improving her freestyle catch and at Divisionals Cassidy picked up another Age Group Regional qualifying time in the 100 free.


Senior Performance – Vilija Liffick

Vilija can always be counted on to be at practice ready to go with a positive attitude.  Her constancy is noticed by her teammates and her positive talk during sets helps keep everyone around her focused and motivated.  Looking forward to big things in March.



CF/SD – Vince Bricca

Vince brings an exciting attitude to the pool every practice. He is always interested in learning how he can improve his strokes and his happiness is contagious to his lane mates. Recently, Vince has seen success by achieving some best times at the February Divisional. Keep it up Vince!


Age Group – Megan Lauinger

Megan has put in a lot of hard work this past month and it is really paying off! It has been especially fun to see Megan take on new and challenging butterfly sets with enthusiasm! Proud of you Megan!


AGP/Senior – Hailey Weiler

Hailey consistently steps up to every opportunity for improvement.  Since joining us in December, she has taken on every challenging workout with a smile and positive attitude – even sometimes asking to be moved lanes in order to challenge herself on a faster send off.  Hailey has used feedback at practices to improve how she moves through the pool and how she approaches her races.  It is awesome to see our youngest Tukwila AGP/SR team member step up to challenges and step out of her comfort zone on a daily basis.  Keep up the great work, Hailey!



CAATfish – Alice Starostin

Alice has shown to be very focused and committed to improving. She seems to enjoy the CAATfish chart as she can easily see what where she is improving and what to work on next. Alice has a great understanding of the fundamentals of swimming, such as head position and body line. She works hard every day to make sure she does things correctly. This is a great way to build good habits for long term success.


Stroke Development – Cookie Hooper

Cookie has always been a very coachable swimmer. She has a good understanding of the skills needed to improve her swimming and applies them during practice. Cookies determination is best shown in during our Work Out Wednesday practices, improving from her previous results almost every time.


Age Group – Sahana Subramanian

Sahana has shown a lot of excitement and focus for the sport. She comes to practice every day with a big smile, ready to work. Sahana is also showing leadership qualities by leading the lane during practice and can often be used as a good example when learning new skills. 


AGP/Senior – Maya Gheewala

Maya has shown to be a very coachable swimmer. She actively takes new concepts and applies them to her swimming. This is best shown in her butterfly in recent meets, qualifying for the Regionals in the 200 fly. Maya is conscious about how she swims and always knows what she did well, as well as what could be done better next time.