2018 U Sports - Thank you volunteers!

A message from the Competition Coordinator

Thank you all for your valued time and effort during these past few days at the 2018 U Sports Swimming Championships at UofT. 

The meet was a huge success with many U Sports records set along the way in addition to one individual National record.  The coaches and staff were very pleased with the quality of the officiating and management of the meet.

Special thanks Charlotte and Suzanne whom did a fantastic job as Meet Managers respectively.  To Will as our officials coordinator and finally to the UT & U Sports support staff and of course TSC whom provided the timers and extra ITs.  

I liked Kylie's quote from the U Sports Day 3 Article which I'm attaching here: 
“It was incredible,” said Masse when asked about the caliber of this year’s U SPORTS Championships. “I don’t know if this has ever happened before in Canadian university history."  
Interpret this as you need Snr Officials but I suspect she was referring to us.  Give yourselves a big hug or better yet get someone else to give you one. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed the experience and were able to get home safely.

Your Competition Coordinator
Mike Wall 


New Level II Official

Congratulations to Joe Murray, TSC's newest Level II Swim Official!