NEWS for Week of March 5th - March 9th

We're off to a great start of the season having just completed our first week of Splash with volunteers, swimmers and parents all braving the cold/rain to Splash into the season!  Thankfully, we are looking at a much better forecast this week, and we'll still have hot chocolate!  Remember, for Week 2 of Splash, we switch the schedule up, with RETURNING swimmers coming on M, W, F and NEW swimmers coming on T, TH.  Read on for important info on Volunteer Jobs, Team Suits, Team Gear,  New Parent Info Night, and when and how you will be notified of practice groups.

Splash Week 2 Schedule

The schedule for Splash Week 2 can be found on the website under the "Practice Schedule" tab.  Please note that gate monitors and check in people can not guaratee they will recollect the schedule for any particular child or group if asked on the spot--despite their most sincere efforts.  Always best to look it up yourself.  

Why Not Take on a 'Skilled' Labor Job?

We are very grateful to all who have signed up for their volunteer points already.  ( Please click here for a refresher on your volunteer commitment).  While there are enough jobs for everyone, our "first come/first served" approach often creates a rush to fill 'unskilled labor jobs' and some of our very important, more skilled jobs, get left unfilled.  Here are some jobs that we would really like to highlight as team needs.  You probably have the skills, you're just being shy!

  • Officials Jobs - Swimming background, but new to the team?  That's o.k.!  The league will be holding a training session and this group of purveyors of right technique knowledge get a pool side view of all the action, while fufilling their volunteer commitment (work about 4 shifts).  Even if you weren't a competitive swimmer yourself, but have been around the pool for years, we'd love it if you would consider this 18 point job found under "All Season Jobs".
  • Awards Banquet Leads - Have some event planning experience?  You're over qualified!  All of the layout, vendors, contract work has all been done for you.  We just need a couple of people who are willing to execute this event that occurs on July 1st this year.  2 people can work on this together and both get 18 points!
  • 4th of July Parade Co-Lead -  Are you creative?  Good with working with kids?  Last year's experienced, easy to work with lead just needs someone to help organize the kids to do a 2 minute dance, and help design improvements to the float.  Easy-Peezy for the right person!  We have skilled carpenters already signed up and this is a favorite event for kids and the COMMUNITY as Tidalwaves has won two 1st place awards in the Larkspur/Corte Madera parade.  How fun to be associated with this source of team pride!  Work on your own time, and be there to practice/build the week of July 4th. 18 points of pure fun!        

Oversight in all of these areas is provided by the board.  You will be well supported and will have fun!  Step out of your comfort zone and help the team where we need it!  Volunteer Coordinator, Janina Pellumbi is happy to help you get all signed up.  e-mail her at  All families must be signed up for their points by April 1st

T&B Sports Orders for Suits, Parkas, Sweats Must be Placed by 3/16

Team gear will be at Redwood MONDAY - THURSDAY this week.  Classic Tidalwaves styles, (T-Shirts, hoodies, pajama pants, hats, etc.) will be on sale again this week!    

NEW this YEAR:   You CAN place your order for custom caps ONLINE.  Online cap orders must be placed by March 23rd.  What is a custom cap, you ask?  The best way to identify your child at a swim meet when s/he is all wet and dressed in the same bathing suit as 250+ of his and her closest team mates.  Caps will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer Night, April 27th.

Orders for team suits, parkas, hoodies and Tidalwaves sweat pants will all be available directly through T& B Sports (1345 4th Street, San Rafael.  Phone:  415-453-2433). 

  • If you ordered a parka or sweats during our "Early Order Opportunity" your merchandise will be available for pickup at Redwood on March 7th and March 8th, when T&B Sports will have a representative at Redwood to allow swimmers to try on suits and sweats.  Any merchandise not picked up on March 7th or 8th will be available for pickup at T&B Sports.
  • The second (and final) window for ordering with T&B will be Now - 3/16.  Click here to place your order during that time frame.  Any items ordered during this time frame will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer night, April 27th.  Any items not picked up at Pizza/Cheer will be available at Time Trials, April 28th.  Can't make it those 2 days?  Ask a friend to pick up for you. 

Questions about Team Gear?  E-mail our gear leads, Belinda Yan and Laurie Aaronson at 

What Happens AFTER Splash Weeks?

We will notify all families of their swimmers' practice groups via an e-mail Sunday, March 11th.  At this point we will switch to our first half of the season, " standard practice schedule". 

NEW Parent Information Night:  March 12th, 7:00 - 8:30pm

​Feeling totally overwhelmed by how much there is to know?  We get it.  You're a NEW family.  We've all been there.  That's why we offer a NEW Parent Information Night.  Put it on your calendar now.  A great way to get all your questions answered at once   Click here for more info.

​That's it for now!  GOO WAVES!