Championship season

 Hello Swim Parents,

The MAC Team has been very busy the last couple of weeks with High School state championships, Senior Short Course Championships, the Beehive Finale (last weekend) and the Short course age group championships being held this week.

We had many of our swimmers attend the High School State 5A and 6A state championships. We would like to congratulate all of our high school swimmers who worked so hard this year to improve and represent their respective teams.

Ten swimmers attend the Senior Short Course Championships. They included: Kayla Ralph, Uso Tagoa’, Eden Preston, Halle Campbell, Joshua Arevalo, Lincoln Yospe, Holden Cheney, Carter Neerings, Devin Jessop and Cameron Wright. We would like to congratulate all of our senior swimmers for the great year they had due to their hard work and diligence. This year we have also had the following swimmers make senior zone cuts: Cameron Wright, Uso Tagoa’, and Holden Cheney, while Kayla Ralph and Lincoln Yospe qualified with senior zone bonus events.

This past weekend MAC had many swimmers attend the Beehive Finale: Congrats to the following swimmers for making the Beehive Finale: Dezirae Kitt, Emma and Jax Brimley, Sienna Christensen, Benson Ferguson, James Johnson, Janissa Montilla, Avi Verma, William Kershaw, Kinzlee Taylor, Alexa and Stila Williams.

This week the Age Group State Championships will be held at the South Davis Rec Center. We have eight swimmers who are entered in the meet, with several other swimmers in relays. Congrats to our eight individual swimmers: Alexa Williams, Kinzlee Taylor, Valerie and Stephanie Guzman-Delahoz, Jax Brimley, Gavin Holmberg, Joshua Arevalo and Marcos Sanchez.

The coaching staff would like to thank all the parents and especially the swimmers on their hard work. Lets cheer on our state team this week beginning Wednesday evening.

Due to the state meet, their will be limited coaching on Thursday and Friday evening. There is no practice on Wednesday (water polo game) and Saturday this week. Now that water polo is starting,  we will have multiple practice cancellations. Please look for more info regarding pool closures in a future email.

Thats all for now... good luck state swimmers!