The March Newsletter is Here!

March is championship season! It is a great time to see all the progress your child has made since the beginning of the season and a good checkpoint for your swimmers goals. Take a look through as this month's newsletter and see what lies ahead for DC Wave!

Our Swimmer of the Month comes from Coach Ben's group. Congrats to Malcolm  Laskowski (Developmental II, Rumsey)! 

If this is your child's first time swimming in a championship meet, take a look at page 4 for tips from our Coaches on how to best prepare for a championship meet!

On  page 5 we have our Spring Break Schedule posted. Some of the schedules are still being finalized. As soon as we have those, we will send them out. 

Also, as a side note. We have recieved inquiries about the DC Wave Summer Training Camp. We have submitted out proposal and are awaiting final approval. The dates we have proposed are June 25- August 3. The camp would be different from the past years and would incorporate a second water workout in the afternoon focused on technique and stroke training with time between both practices filled with games, activites, and crafts. We will release more information once we have recieved approval and confirmation from 3rd parties involved. 

March Newsletter

You can also always find an archive of our past newsletter, under our Resources tab, or by   clicking here

As always, if you have any photos you would like to share from swim meets or other team events, please send them to Coach Mary.