Junior Olympic Meet Information and Entries

Junior Olympics Meet Information

Location: Coral Springs Aquatic Center

Address: 12441 Royal Palm Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33065

Meet Entry Report

Relay Entry Report-SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Friday: Event # 1-40, Prelim Warm Ups: 7:30 am, Finals (Relay Events:1&2) Warm Ups: 3:30 pm Blue Shirt

Saturday: Event # 41-78 Prelim Warm Ups: 7:30 am, Finals (Relay Events: 43-46) Warm Ups: 3:30 pm Grey Shirt

Sunday: Events # 79-114 Prelim (Relay Events:107-110) Warm Ups: 7:30 am, Finals Warm Ups: 3:30 pm White Shirt

*Relay Only Swimmers: Will swim Friday and Saturday Night at Finals and Sunday Morning with Prelims. Relays are subject to change.