Varsity Vibes #15


Tonight's practice is 7:00- 8:15 per the March practice calendar I sent you last week


NE YMCA Championship meet, this is your LAST chance to sign up!  You need to let me know ASAP!  The meet will be the last we do before we break till April 9th return.


Swamp Romp  A note from our VP's

            It’s also time for the Y’s annual Swamp Romp!  Volunteer
‘rompers’ are collecting donations to support the Y and on March 16
they will take a chilly dip in the pond.  Two reasons this matters to
Varsity squad: Coach Matt, Coach Eric, and all the Wahoo coaches will
be going in the pond if we all collect enough, AND the Wahoo squad
that collects the most in donations will win an ice cream party.
Super Bronze won last year, so lets see if Varsity squad can win this

Mrs Donovan will be in the lobby onight collecting any donations!  Bring your loose change!!