Regional Championship Wrap Up

Regionals is the first level meet in the Illinois Swimming Championship Series. Our 53 Championship Team Members qualified for Regionals and/or the additional Age Group State and Senior State Championships.


We took 18 boys (2 relay only swimmers) and 15 girls (1 relay only swimmer) to Bloomington to compete in the Regional Championships. The 30 individual competitors all contributed points to a 3rd place finish for PAWW. Our boys had the highest point total with 992 with our girls adding 554 to combine for the 3rd highest team total of 1546 points. 


Relays did not count towards team points totals. However, we couldn’t be more proud of our 12 under swimmers. They were unstoppable in the 10 under girls/boys and 12 under girls/boys relays in the morning sessions. We achieved first place in all 8 relays. Way to go Kami Jarvill, Sydney Ward, Ava Kula, Madi Parrott, Elijah Porritt, Keagan Boerke, Ethan Stone, Logan Walliker, Landon Boerke, Kara Kozinski, Olivia Anderson, Lauren Jarvill, Olivia Kula, Kainan Buley, Lucas Glesne, Jackson Campbell, and Isaiah Porritt. 


The 10 under girls/boys and 11-12 boys relays advance to Age Group State with the addition of Bailey Amerman (10).

Sieg Sison advances to Senior State with a first time Championship cut in the 100 breast and Kaylee Dexter achieved a Senior State cut in the 1000 free. 


Our swimmers had 80/120 best times or 67% as a team. Nine swimmers had 100% Best Times:

Olivia Anderson (11)

Landon Boerke (10)

Jackson Campbell (12)

Lauren Jarvill (12)

Izzy Kula (9)

Madi Parrott (10)

Isaiah Porritt (12)

Sieg Sison (15)

AJ Stone (11)


Next up Senior State with 15 qualifiers and Age Group State with 23 qualifiers.........Just Keep Swimming!