Updated Meet information for all training groups!

Arkansas Meet - April 21-22- Register Today!

This meet is open to ALL SPLASH CLUB SWIMMERS!  The 13-overs will be with coach Chad on a Charter bus.  All other swimmers should check with their coach for suggested involvement.  General guidelines will have novice swimmers on Sunday afternoon only and stronger 12-unders swimming Satuday and Sunday in the open sessions.  Tiger Shark, Diamond, Platinum and National are all requested to attend.  

13-over Info- This is a team and individual growth opportunity for 13-overs.  We will take a charter bus from Bartlesville to the University of Arkanasas, compete Saturday, do a team fun activity, spend the night in a hotel, compete Sunday morning and then charter bus back to Bartlesville.  

Saturday planned departure is 7:30am

Sunday arrival back in Bartlesville is 4:00pm

Hotel room-  We will be staying at the Staybridge Suites in Fayetteville.  Complimentary breakfast for all the kids on Sunday.  Cost is $40/kid.

Fun activity-  if all goes well it will be nice weather and we can go to the fun center we went to 3 years ago.  Go carts, laser tag, mini-golf, etc.  The kids really liked that 3 years ago.  So pray for warm weather. Locomotion website

COST?   I know everyone will want to know this number.  The club will subsidize the trip to help improve participation and increase the team bonding and growth.  It looks like this trip will cost each child about $135.  Going to be hard to beat that bargain!

13-over Updated Costs- Known- Hotel $45, Meet Entry $38.60, Charter Bus- covered by club, Sunday Lunch- $4.00/kid- pizza on the bus, Locomotion fun park- $20/kid- (this gets them unlimited attractions for 2 hours- go karts, lazer tag, mini-golf, bumper boats and spin zone bumper cars)

13-over Updated Costs- Unknown- Saturday Lunch at Mall food court, Saturday dinner ??,