Senior News - Practice Info in Event of Snow 3/7/18


Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are dropping back for another – what looks to be a – monster visit.  Tomorrow looks to be iffy at best.  So here is the game plan:


Ø    Today, well keep practice going until 6pm.  This will not be full on training but more tubing, start and relay start work.  Please text your swimmer letting them know about today’s change in practice time.  Thank you!

Ø    Wednesday AM: Cancelled.  An early call I realize but think it best at this point.

Ø    Wednesday Plan A: Should school happen and then call for an early dismissal, if possible, I would like for swimmers to come in here to the Y or a pool nearby and get in and do about 3000-3500.

Ø    Plan B: Should school be called and the morning does not look to be too bad, then I would like to try and get as many in here at the Y around 9am.


Once we have a better idea of what is going on weather wise, Ellen will follow up.