STAS takes 3rd at 2018 JOs

Congratulations STAS!! 

With the best finish in team history the Spare Time Aquatics Sharks takes 3rd place at the Sierra Nevada Short Course Championships - Junior Olympics 

Last year our team was the most improved team at the Junior Olympics,  this year we came in 3rd behind Dart and Sierra Marlins. 

The team achieved this herculean effort with only 35 swimmers!!!

Congratulations to Coach Taylor, Coach Matt, Coach Aimee, and Coach Laura  for all thier hard work and decication to our team!

Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed this weekend!

Kiley Aborjena - Mariko Nakayama - Tanner Chiuchiolo - Addison Goodman - Marissa Recio -  Alexia Warner - Austin Abrojena - Adam Becker - Nathan Lee - Matthew Nakayama - Isaiah Warner - Emily Asperger - Sarah Becker - Isabella Delgadillo - Julianna Gibson - Lucy Goodman - Erica Jaffe - Anamaria Ristic -  Thomas Hannenian - Nick Lee - Oliver Serrao - Valerie De Flores - Meredith Garcia - Charlotte Gregson-Synhorst - Alina Milevsky - Casey Stone - Kelly Wilson - Lily Yeargain - John Branson - Joseph Cliatt - Ethan Mueller - Milton Nguyen - Evan Tran - Darrin Chin

Huge thanks to all the parents for supporting our team and braving the cold to volunteer to make our team successful. 

This was a whole team effort from the swimmers, coaches, and parents. 

This achievement is the perfect example of what Spare Times Aquatics represents - swimmers from multiple Spare Time Club sites banding together to compete against the areas best! Rio del Oro, Johnson Ranch, Diamond Hills, and Laguna Creek all had swimmers who grew up in their programs compete together as Spare Time Aquatics over the weekend and results showed us what we can really do!

Thank you for being part of our team, we are so excited and are eagerly looking forward to where this program is heading!

Coach Richard