Team Update 3/6/18

Weather update for Wednesday, 3/7

  • Please look for correspondence from your coaches regarding practices for tomorrow!


Senior Championship Meet reminders:

  • Thursday evening and during Finals, all teams will be staged on the pool deck. 
  • During the Preliminary sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all teams will be staged in the gym. 
  • No deck chairs are allowed any where in the building. 
  • Time your own swimmer for the 400 IM (Friday), 500 Free (Saturday), and 1000 & 1650 Free (Thursday and Sunday).
  • Entry to the spectator seating area requires wristbands. Our team will be given a number of wristbands and we will need to share them amongst our parents. Please remember to be courteous and hand them back in to the wristband coordinator each day, ESPECIALLY if you will not be present the next day.
  • Work assignments for Prelims will be sent out by Kelly Dupont. If you do not work your shift or find a sub there is a $200 penalty.
  • Work assignments for Finals will be determined in the afternoon/at the beginning of Finals warm up. If your swimmer is participating in Finals, a parent needs to be present at Wesleyan in the lobby area at the beginning of Finals warm up so you know whether you have to work Finals or not. We will try to split the shifts.


SAVE THE DATES!  Mark your calendars!

  • Wahoo Senior Brunch April 28th at Bernards
  • Wahoo Annual Recognition night is April 24th


Swamp Romp Contest:

As a team we've collected around $600 so far, but we would like to get to the $2,000 goal amount if at all possible!  So let's plan to continue the contest for one more week and officially end it next Wednesday, March 14th.  Hopefully this will give more of our swim families a chance to participate and the VPs a few extra days to collect donations during squad practice times.  Thank you in advance for your help, understanding and support!  Go Wahoos!


Online Apparel & Gear should be ready for distribution next week! Stay Tuned!


Y Housekeeping Items !

Wahoo swimmers are reminded they should bring Y membership card to practice each night so they can scan at entry to the Y.

Drop off and Pick up at practice:

Please DO NOT park in front of the Y as you pick up and/or drop off your swimmers.  It is designated a non-parking area as it is marked accordingly.  This causes a dangerous situation for swimmers and others walking in the lots.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Reminder:  11 and unders need to accompanied into/and out the building per YMCA policy.  They should NOT be dropped off!