March Word of the Month





The word strength has multiple applications in the world of athletics.  It can refer to actual physical strength and it also can apply to mental strength.  The ability to balance these two aspects and our ability to adapt to outside variables allows for peak physical performance.  Physical strength is what allows us to do feats that others might not find possible i.e. to race 66 laps in a swimming pool.  This ability is honed over time (maturity) and through physical work (practice).  The general rule of which is one tends to get out what one puts in applies.  The ability to exert physical strength and being able to apply it at appropriate times is the result of mental strength.  When one of the aforementioned outside variables negatively effects an athlete (and it always happens) it is incumbent upon that athlete to draw upon mental strength in order to be able to properly use the physical strength that has been built up.  There are many ways to build mental strength.  For swimmers mental strength is generally built up by achievements in training.  No one is perfect the first time or every time.  The use of Determination is what allows for our mental strength to be built up through perseverance.  In order to be the best athlete possible it is necessary to understand that physical strength must be drawn upon by application of mental strength at times of distress as well as times of comfort in practice, competition, and in life.


-Coach Chris Franklin


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