SNS Short Course Champs Review & Recognition

Congratulations to all the Athletes, Coaches and Teams in Sierra Nevada Swimming for their oustanding swims this past weekend at our LSC Short Course Championship Meet!  Attached you will find the Team & Individual High Point Standings.

A special THANK YOU to the Sierra Marlins Swim Team and their excellent volunteer staff led by Meet Director, Kathy Myers, for their stellar efforts in hosting our championship meet.  Job Well Done!

We would also like to recognize our AMAZING group of volunteer Officials who braved the ups and downs of the weather over the 3 day meet; please read below from the Meet Referee, Rebecca Landre:

TO: Officials that served at the Sierra Nevada 2018 Winter championships 

CC: Coaches of Sierra Nevada 

Thank you so very much for serving at the meet this weekend! It was an honor to serve with you and look forward to working with you again. I applaud you for your tireless commitment and endurance with the long cold and rainy days. We had a robust team of 68 officials that served and trained!! 

Your time is precious and your dedicated commitment to serve generously as a professional official at the Sierra Nevada winter championship meet, is appreciated. Your sessions have been entered into the OTS system. 

A very special acknowledgment to the superstar officials that thrived serving all six sessions:

Deanna Hogenboom
Joseph Biello
Jaime Nattrass
Layne Frederickson
Bob Aspberger
Amie Mills
Amber Ponciano
Yihwin Huang
Kevin Tokunaga 
Melissa Szpik-Serrao
Jim Cooley
Kathy Myers
John Richardson
(Coaches, attached is a list of officials that served on behalf of your team. Thank you for your commitment to recruit and retain outstanding volunteers to serve our sport and athletes.) 

Rebecca Landre

Also, please click on the link below for a special Thank You from the Meet Director, Kathy Myers:

Denna Culpepper 

Executive Director