Wednesday Weekly

Miami Country Day Aquatics


Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed in the Area 3 Championships.  What a great weekend!  With 28 swimmers (13 boys and 15 girls) the Country Day Aquatics Swim Team ended the weekend with 94 new Lifetime Bests of 148 swims (63%).  Here is the breakdown by training group: 

Bronze – 9 swimmers – 24 new LTB’s 

Silver – 6 swimmers – 10 new LTB’s  

Gold – 0 swimmers – 0 new LTB’s  

Sr. Development – 4 swimmers – 25 new LTB’s  

Sr. Elite – 7 swimmers – 35 new LTB’s  

Congratulations to the  Bronze Group  for having the most signups and to the Senior Elite Group for having the most Lifetime Bests!  What a great job! 


We also had  10 new Club Record s.  Congratulations to:  

Brianna Ray                          11-12 50 Back                        :33.95

Evan Wilson                          11-12 500 Free                        6:01.22

Liesel Alphonso                      13-14 100 Free                        :56.80

Giovanna Key                        13-14 50 Breast                      :35.47

Dylan Smiley                          13-14 50 Back                        :31.60

Kaya Martin                          15-16 100 Back                      1:10.97

                                                15-16 50 Breast                      :38.76

                                                15-16 50 Fly                           :31.12

Ben Wilson                             15-16 50 Back                        :25.96

200 Free Relay                        Girls 13-14                            1:53.77

        Giovanna Key, Madison Castro, Megan Shein, Liesel Alfonso

For a more in depth look at the individual meet results click  here



With Area 3 Championships behind us and JO’s & Sr. Champs coming up, we need to have laser type of focus on our swimming.  The details are very important.  It is important for everyone and not just the athletes who are still competing in March.  We need to start thinking back to our races this past weekend and season and think about how YOU can get faster.   If you want to get faster….it all begins at practice.  But it is more than just doing laps or swimming up and down the pool.  Each swimmer really needs to ask themselves 4 questions:

  1. What mindset do I have before practice?  So much of what we do is technique and fitness during practice, but what are you thinking about before practice?  Much of what happens in the pool is a direct result of what your expectations are before you even walk out to the edge of the pool deck.  Take a moment and think about what the ideal mindset before your work is out.
  2. What are you focused on while swimming?  No matter what set you are doing, a 1,000 kick with fins or a set of 40x25 Fly, if you are present then you will be focused and engaged.  To participate in practice while your mind is adrift is not fun and non-productive.  Be engaged, be focused.  You will swim better.  Better swimming leads to faster swimming.
  3. How will you react when things don’t go your way?  How do you react when you are healthy, rested and in a good mood?  Does it change when you are tired and cranky?  Plan ahead.  Think about how you are going to react when things get tough.  Will you allow yourself to succumb to the frustration or will you be mentally tough and readjust your focus and get back to engaged and focused swimming.
  4. Finally, how do you want to feel after practice?  After the initial fatigue of practice fades, you need to come to grips with; Did I work hard enough?  Did I leave it all in the pool?  Am I satisfied with my work effort?  The satisfaction and pleasure that you get from crushing a practice is a wonderful reward.  There is no way you will ever get that sense of satisfaction from getting out early, skipping repeats or from giving up



    • Friday-Sunday, March 16th-18thJunior Olympics, Qualifiers only
    • Friday-Sunday, March 22nd-25thSenior Championships, Qualifiers only
    • Thursday, April 5thSwim Team Banquet, more info to follow
    • Saturday, April 14thFGC Sprint Invite, to be held at Miami Dade North Campus
    • Friday-Sunday, April 27th-28thJon Olsen Gold Medal Invite, to be held at Flounder Park in Islamorada
    • Sunday, May 6thSwim Miami, Open Water event
    • Friday-Sunday, May 18th–20thGulliver Summer Invite, this is for all groups
    • Monday-Friday, June 4th-8th – Coach Scheingoltz’s Technique Swim Camp