This week at Delaware Swim Team: 3/5-3/11

Here's what's happening this week at Delaware Swim Team:

There are no practices today, Wednesday, March 7, for all practice groups at all locations, due to the snowstorm.  We will let everyone know if there are any practice cancellations or changes for Thursday evening, March 8, by mid-day tomorrow.
Looking forward, expect some significant practice changes later in March.  Among others, here are some events that will disrupt our normal practice schedule:
~ Several groups will be affected by Mini Championships on March 16-18.
~ Several groups will be affected by Silver Championships on March 23-25.
~ Groups practicing at UD may be affected by the school's Spring Break.
~ The PS DuPont location may be affected by the school's Spring Break.
We will let everyone know of any changes for later in March as those time periods get closer.
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night!  We all lose an hour of sleep this weekend.
Bronze Championships are this weekend at North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA.
There have been some changes made to the Bronze Championship meet.  A detailed email was sent out Tuesday morning to Bronze Championship families.  All information is also available here.
It takes about 75 minutes to get to North Penn High School from the Pike Creek location.  The school is about one mile from Exit 31 on the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
NPAC has assigned timer positions to all teams attending this meet.  Delaware Swim Team must fill two timer positions at the Saturday morning session.  Please sign up here if you can time for the meet.  One DST family has already signed up.
Mini Championships are next weekend, March 16-18, at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA.
A detailed email about the meet will be sent out to attending families next week.
Jersey Wahoos are asking for timers to help at the meet.  You can sign up to time here (please make sure to mention DST as the team you are representing).  We already have one person from DST volunteering at the meet.
Silver Championships are just over 2 weeks away, on March 23-25.  We are hosting Silver Championships at the University of Delaware.
Swimmers who achieve a new Silver Champs cut at Bronze Champs or Mini champs may enter into Silver Champs for that event, provided there is space in the meet.  The coaching staff will not automatically enter a swimmer into an event at Silver Champs if a swimmer achieves a new Silver Champs cut, to avoid confusion with billing.  The swimmer's parents must let the coaching staff know in writing that they would like their swimmer in the new event, in the days immediately after the meet.  Swimmers who already have at least one Silver Champs cut and are looking to achieve more Silver Champs cuts in the next two weekends should already be entered in the meet, in the interest of allowing us to have a more accurate timeline for the meet before Bronze Champs and Mini Champs take place.  Contact Coach Matt at matthewaungst@freestyles.org if you would like your swimmer in Silver Champs.
If you have not fulfilled your service point commitment for the season yet, Silver Champs is your last chance to earn those volunteer service points.  We will need to fill all of our "skilled" volunteer positions at this meet: Admissions, Safety, Hospitality, etc.  We are planning on assigning timing positions to other teams for the prelims sessions.
Senior Championships is March 28-31 in York, PA.
The Elite Showcase Classic is March 28-31 in St. Petersburg, FL.
Our Spring Conditioning program is now open, for anyone who may want to get in some practicing before the summer swim league season begins.  You can register for the Spring Conditioning group right from the front page of the Delaware Swim Team website (or just click here).  Make sure that you are logged out of your account in order to begin the registration for a swimmer.  If you have any friends at your summer pool that may be interested in getting in some practicing in before summer arrives, please mention that we have a non-USA Swimming group that may be of interest.
The Delaware Swim Team coaching staff