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GPAC excels at Region Champs

In the annual tradition of the meet, the team’s “best times” posters were full of the autographs of the more than 120 GPAC swimmers who competed and set new life-best times at the Southeastern Swimming Region IV championships held March 2-4 at the UWF aquatic center. This was the season-ending meet for the GPAC, who was the highest scoring team at the meet and who set 70% best times among all its swimmers.

This meet also served as the 8-and-under championship meet for the season, and GPAC had a handful of stand-out swimmers at the meet. Johanna Beauchamp, 8, was the highest scoring swimmer for GPAC’s young team, amassing 53 points. She finished as high as fourth place in two of her individual events (50 br, 50bk), and in the top-eight in three others. She went on to set four new personal best times.

Tallying the second highest points contribution was Claire Perez, 8, who posted 31 points for the team. Claire had a trio of fifth place finishes (25, 50 br, 100 IM), and one sixth place finish. Claire also swam a near-perfect seven out of eight individual best times.

Callie Harris, 8, swam a perfect meet, posting eight for eight personal best times. She finished in the top-eight in five events and posted a new 8 & under ‘A’ time in her 25-yd butterfly race.

Also posting a perfect meet was Chloe Henley, 8, who set eight new personal best times. Chloe knocked off over 56 seconds combined from all her individual events at the meet, one of the biggest drop of any one swimmer on the team.

On the boy’s side, Graeson Garcia, 8, nabbed the silver medal in the 100-yd individual medley and a pair of bronze medals in the 50-yd freestyle and 50-yd backstroke. Garcia set four new personal best times and posted 48 points to the team total.

Blaise Presnell, 8, finished his meet with five new best times, a trio of sixth place finishes (25, 100 free, 25 back) and 43 points. He also finished fourth in the 50-yd freestyle and fifth in the 50-yd backstroke.

GPAC had several swimmers of all ages win individual events at the meet, including Coulson Barfield, 18 (50, 100 free), Braden Barkley, 15 (200 back), Megan Corcoran, 12 (1650 free), Trinity Devanney, 14 (100 br), Sydney Dodson, 14 (200 br), Sara Gray, 10 (50, 100 br), Claire Han, 13 (200 IM, 200 fly), Renee Henderson, 15 (50, 100 free), William Henderson, 15 (100 br), Jordan LaBryer, 10 (100 bk), Max Little, 10 (100 br), Maren Mackey, 14 (50, 200 fr, 100 fly), Ian Malone, 10 (500 fr, 50 br),
Aiden Morgan, 14 (200 fr, 100 fly, 200 bk), Kat Ralls, 12 (100 bk), Jack Rowell, 14 (100, 500 fr),
Seth Scoggins, 16 (200 br), James Tracey, 16 (400 IM, 200 fr), and Emma Wortman, 13 (100 fr).

Eleven-year-old Logan Robinson had a stand-out meet, winning four events; the most individual events of any one GPAC swimmer, taking the 100 and 500-yd freestyles and the 50 and 100-yd butterfly races. He also set a new Age Group Sectional time and a new ‘A’ time in his 50 fly race. He also finished in the top-three in four other races and set seven out of eight personal best times in his events. He also scored 160 points total.

Along with Logan, GPAC had 12 other swimmers set 22 new cuts for the Age Group Sectional meet in Atlanta the third week of March. Congratulations to these swimmers: Megan Corcoran (1650 free), Landon Garcia, 9 (50 fly, 50 bk), Landry Hadder, 13 (200 fr, 200 IM, 200bk), Claire Han (500 fr, 200 IM), Max Little (100, 200 IM), Sara Lypko, 13 (200 bk), Maren Mackey (200, 500 fr, 200 bk), Ian Malone (500 fr, 50, 100 br), Korbin Menser, 12 (50 fly), Aiden Morgan (200 fr), and Kat Ralls (50 fr, 100 bk).

Hoping to use the last meet as a chance to see vast time improvement from all swimmers, the coaches were happy to see all new best times posted by these swimmers: Gabrielle Beauchamp, 5, Alex Birthright, 12, Alyssa Bryan, 13, Megan Corcoran, Mo De la Garza, 14, Haley Dunckel, 12, Callie Harris, Chloe Henley, Mason Hockenberry, 14, Suzi Hodge, 12, Thomas Kerns, 11, Lucas Kervin, 13, Jordan LaBryer, Reena Lin, 10, Sydney London, 13, Maren Mackey, Rylee Maiorino, 16, Ian Malone,
Sarah Marks, 14, Olivia Mayer, 13, Belle McNally, 11, Korbin Menser, Josephine Milhiser, 13, Aiden Morgan, Emma O’Neill, 13, Jaydah Phelan, 11, Brandon Posey, 12, Marley Reynolds, 15, Jack Rowell, Seth Scoggins, Ani Sekhon, 13, Grace Sill, 18, Brianna Smith, 11, Shelby Smith, 12, Avery Witte, 10, and Emma Wortman.

Congratulations to these swimmers who posted new motivational times at the meet:

B:            Alex Birthright, Alyssa Bryan, Taylor Clements, Lily Green, JoJo Harris, Drew Henry, Mason Hockenberry, Noah Jacobs, Lucan Kervin, Bella Loos, Bailee Luciano, Shayla Manthey, Belle McNally, Emma O’Neill, Brandon Pieretti, Lindsey Rauscher, Abby Robinson, Maya Sekhon, Caroline Smith, Jordan Stull, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn, Landis Wood

BB:         Xander Brown, Madison Carmichael, Taylor Clements, Sara Gray, JoJo Harris, Mason Hockenberry, Braedan Jacobs, Kouper Kraus, Jordan LaBryer, Addison Lee, Sydney London, Bella Loos, Belle McNally, William McNally, Korbin Menser, Emma O’Neill, Jaydah Phelan, Lindsey Rauscher, Logan Robinson, Ani Sekhon, Shelby Smith, Alexander Sullivan, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn, Lily Walker, Avery Witte

A:            Braden Barkley, Paige Connors, Trinity Devanney, Landon Garcia, Sara Gray, Cannon Hutchens, Max Little, Sydney London, Ian Malone, Sarah Marks, Korbin Menser, Jaydah Phelan, Kat Ralls, Lindsey Rauscher, Logan Robinson, Jack Rowell

AA:         Braden Barkely, Landry Hadder, Sara Lypko, Ian Malone, Sarah Marks, Kat Ralls, Jack Rowell, James Tracey, Emma Wortman

AAA:      Claire Han, Maren Mackey, Aiden Morgan

AAAA:    Megan Corcoran

Now, a select few GPAC swimmers from the age group program and the senior program will continue their season in meets in Atlanta and Orlando, respectively, over the next week. The remainder of the team will refocus and prepare for the upcoming long course season.