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Fitter Faster Swim Clinic Registration Open!

Newburgh Swim Clinics

With Olympic Gold Medalist Nick Thoman 


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WHO: The Newburgh Sea Creatures are hosting two unique swim clinics at our pool! The two clinics will be led by Olympic gold medalist Nick Thoman


Nick was chosen to lead out swim clinic because of his extensive experience of teaching the details of technique across the country. He is known for his fun and engaging personality as well as his technical knowledge. 


WHAT: There will be two sessions:

  • A "Green Flag" clinic designed for swimmers who have been competing for 3 years of less on building and maintaining momentum. 
  • A "High Performance" clinic for swimmers age 12 & older on technique for a faster freestyle stroke. 


WHEN: April 7th


WHERE: Castle High School


WHY: All Newburgh Sea Creatures are strongly encouraged to sign up to learn Nick's tips and tricks to race faster! Sign up today with the promo code INDYSPEED to save $64


Green Flag:

Never Slow Down

The Indiana Swimming Green Flag Series are three-hour clinics for swimmers who have been competing in the sport for three years or less. Led by Olympic gold medalist Nick Thoman. 


High Performance

Freestyle Frenzy

This is a three hour High Performance Freestyle clinic is for swimmers ages 12 and up. Younger swimmers with "A" Motivational Time Standards or faster are also encouraged to sign up. Led by Olympic gold medalist Nick Thoman. 


Learn from Nick Thoman


Gold Medalist, Nick Thoman's experience makes him one of the most versatile clinicians on the tour. Nick is an expert in the mechanics of all strokes and is one of the best "underwater kickers" on the planet.


Inquisitive Swimmers are Fast Swimmers