2018 ND SC Championship Meet Updates - Parade of Athletes Change

Hello ND LSC Coaches,

We have been working on a modiification to the parade of athletes in order to make it a little more exciting and  a different way to recognize each team.

Please see the message below from from Alexa Vein from the FMY Gators about how the parade of athletes will be held this year.


Hello Coaches.
We are going to change up the athlete parade and will need some information for you.
We are going to have a cheer off! Each team starting with the most and going to least swimmers will do one cheer. 
We will announce team, where they are from, how many swimmers in club and who the head coach is, if you have team captain they will also be announced as they should lead their team in cheer. Please send me this information to have ready for the announcer.
Each team can stay in there sitting area lead their cheer and would be nice when they finish the cheer to have athletes wave up to stands to parents. If you have sitting area that can not be seen from stands please go to end of pool.  
The spirit award will be judged on theme, if cheer goes with the theme and how swimmers cheer on their teammates during the meet. 
Lets give this a positive try, swimmers always do a cheers to get pumped up. Let bring more attention and fun to it. 
I know some will not like this change, but please let your swimmers know what is going on so they can practice and have fun with it. We don't know how things will go until we try so please keep an open mind. 
I will go around on deck to see if there are any changes to your information before we start. Please send me a email with your team information. 
Thank You, 
Alexa Vein
Gators Social Chair