Day one ..... getting it done!

Your Sectional Championship team has arrived in Southern Florida to compete with some of the best in the nation. 

Today's swims were primarily relays with a distance event.   

Your RACE Aquatics swimmers had to adjust to the 1 hour time shift, swimming outside, cooler than expected temperatures and long course.   
They have handled it as expected . . . as YOUR championship team.   

We've already racked up 129 points (combined) and put us in the 15th spot.  Topping last year's 20th spot and 117 points for day 1!

Other impressive stats:
*4 new TEAM Records
*4 top 16 finishes
*2 top 8 finishes

Neal Wolfram = 800 Freestyle (just missing the Futures Championship cut)

Mens 200 Medley Relay
Neal Wolfram, Luke Shourds, Logan Flesher, Tanner Cummings

Mens 200 Free Relay
Trey Wolfram, Neal Wolfram, Logan Flesher, Tanner Cummings

Mixed 200 Medley Relay (same relay that set the record last year)
Neal Wolfram, Tanner Cummings, Avery Witcher, Maggie Gholston

Top 8 finishes:
Neal Wolfram = 5th place (800 Free)
Mens Medley Relay = 8th place (Wolfram, N / Shourds / Flesher / Cummings)

All swimmers had impressive swims for Day 1:
Today is the most swims in one day the swimmers will have over the weekend.   After the flight down - they swim 2 - 4 relays which are high sprint and with limited rest.  It's a 'trial-by-fire' method of getting them ready to swim Long Course.  

To give some perspective:
*50 yards (what we train at our pool) = 150 Feet
*50 meters (what we train in the summer and are swimming here in Florida) = 164 Feet.   
The swimmers are swimming an extra 14 feet per 50 (so it'll be an additional 28 feet per 100 meters).  Our swimmers haven't swam in this length of pool since August 2017.

Madison Bush  - recovering from knee surgery (in Dec) has posted at her 50 Back personal best in the relay lead offs.  She's also hit her personal best relays splits in both Freestyle relays.

Allison Zinobile - stepped up big for the girls team hitting a personal best relay split in all of her swims.

Avery Witcher - in addition to an awesome fly leg of the Mixed Medley Record setting team, knocked down her personal best relay splits in the 50 fly. 

Maggie Gholston - traditionally known for her speed in freestyle - has branched out for her RACE Aquatics teammates and dropped over 3 seconds on her best relay split as brststroke.

Trey Wolfram - has a new personal best lead off for the 50 Backstroke, while keeping his freestyle swims at his personal best. 

Logan Hughes - Dropped his personal best in the brst leg of the "B - Medley Relay" by about 11 seconds.

Luca Vespa - has 2 new relay personal bests in 50 Free.

Logan Flesher - has a new lead off (recorded time) in the 50 Free and 50 Back swims on his relays.

Luke Shourds - New personal best relay splits for his 50 Free and 50 Brst (twice)

Drew Wolfram - dropped over 3 seconds in his 50 Free relay split times

Neal Wolfram - has a new recorded time in his 50 Backstroke swims (twice) as the lead off for the relays.   He was on pace for a new lead off time in the Mixed Free Relay.

Tanner Cummings - new personal relay splits in 50 Free and 50 Brst.

Great job to our RACE Aquatics swimmers!