PCST Change Drive 3/12-3/15

In addition to our traditional Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser, this year PCST will also be having a change drive.  During the week of March 12- March 15 each swimmer is asked to bring in and donate spare or loose change each night before their practice starts. While any donation on any day is greatly appreciated, each day will have a different coin theme:


Monday, March 12: Dimes

Tuesday, March 13: Nickels

Wednesday, March 14: Pennies

Thursday, March 15:  Quarters


Volunteers will be collecting the change in jars separated by group.  The group that collects the most throughout the week will earn a game day at practice during the week after Spring Break!  The breakdown will be based on group totals from all sites (i.e. Novice at GCSC will be working together with Novice at FBP). 

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