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Meet Alex Boden

Meet New Manatee:  Alex Boden

Alex joined the Manatees shortly after the team moved to Emeryville.  From the first, he has felt very welcomed, enjoying both the athletic as well as the social aspects of belonging to the Manatees.

Alex grew up in Sydney, Australia and his favorite beach, Bondi Beach, is located there.  He has lived in Auckland, New Zealand; Shanghai, China and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He is now based in the East Bay working as the General Manager for Plum Organics and is very happy that the pool is so close to work.  

Alex swam competitively as a freestyle sprinter until his early 20’s and freestyle continues to be his favorite stroke.  He competed in his first meet with the team at the USF meet, where he swam several events: 50 free, 50 fly, 50 breast and a relay.  He intends to participate in additional meets as long as the distances are short.  One of Alex’s strong motivations to continue to swim comes from his three children, ages 7, 10 and 13.  All three are swimmers and he wants to remain the fastest swimmer in the family.  

Alex’s guilty pleasure is going to a local pub and having a beer with friends, but you won’t find him eating anything with sugar.  Alex can be found at the 6:30 or 7:30 swims in the sprinters lane.