Updates on resuming practice and LC registration

Dear EPAP Families,

We hope you are enjoying your break...unless you are a Tadpole or a Senior.  We hope those groups are enjoying their training.

A few updates - 

  • Practices resume March 19.  A full schedule will be posted on the webpage under the PRACTICE SCHEDULE tab on the main menu.  To see the schedule after the new pool opens on April 7, please scroll down on the PRACTICE SCHEDULE page.  
  • We are hoping EVERYONE will stay for long course.  With the new Westside Natatorium opening, we will have programs for everyone.  Tadpoles, Minnows, Blue, Gold, Gold Elite and Seniors.  
  • If you are planning leave us for summer league, we will be sad, and miss you.  The City requires anyone going to summer league to be off of USA Swim Teams (EPAP or others) by March 31.  This is NOT an EPAP or USA Swimming rule, it is a City of El Paso rule.  Please email LeAnn at if you will be leaving us for summer league. (please come back in the fall, we will be waiting for you)
  • Seniors will take their 2 week break March 26 - April 8.  Their practices resume April 9.  
  • We need some fundraising ideas.  No idea is too small or too big.  Grants, sponsorships, sales, events, any idea is welcome.  Please contact LeAnn and she will get you in touch with the right person to make these ideas a reality.