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Tier 1 Championships 2018 Penticton -Day 1

Good start at Tier 1, everyone! 

We had a fast afternoon session of racing with many swimmers improving their times and techniques! 

We are moving forward into day two and we are looking to improve even more, hopefully build upon our day one momentum. 

Hard hat of the day goes to Paul Orogo.

Make sure to follow the team on meet mobile! 

Go Hyack! 


200 Back:

Paige Korbely 8th

Ana Lucius 13th

Rachel Tong 7 th

Paul Orogo 1st

Gary Cai 8th

Alonzo Chan 14th

50 Free:

Tyra Gunara 13th

Mackenzie Wang 12th

Paul Orogo 4th

Kevin Kong 4th

Brian Fu 14th

Ethan Jiang 16th

200 Fly:

Paige Korbely 8th

Ana Lucus 9 th

Rachel Tong 5 th

Brian Fu 8th

Kevin Kong 10th

Calin Lucus 14th

11 & under 200 Free boys Relay:

Paul Orogo - Justin Jung - Kevin Kong - Brian Fu - 2nd

12 & under 200 Free girls Relay:

Tyra Gunara - Rachel Tong - Hope Luo - KAren Zheng - 6th

Gloria Li - Samantha Coukell - Jade Jia -Ana Crudu - 14th

SwimBC is recognizing the best performances for this season in the 800 and 1500 Free events

11 & under 800 Free:

Justin Jung - 1st

Kevin Kong - 2nd

11 & under 1500 Free:

Justin Jung - 1st

Paul Orogo - 2nd

12-13 800 Free:

Peter Huang-  1st

12 - 13 1500 Free:

Yutong Wu - 1st

Peter Huang - 3rd

11 - 12 800 Free:

Madisen Jacques - 1st