Leaving on a jet plane ...

Winter Weather heads to Bowling Green as RACE Sectional Team  continues to BURN HOT!    Wow!!! What a great weekend!

I’ll start with the SCORES since this is the highest point total we’ve ever achieved.
Combined points = 11th place with 585 points.
Women = 22nd place with 83 points– consisted of only 4 swimmers, which is the ***smallest womens team we’ve ever had at Sectionals.  With a lot of effort and team work ***they pulled out a 22nd place finish over some teams with more swimmers.
***Our girls also threw a couple of close hits to the existing RACE Aquatics relay records!
Mens = 4th place with 468 points 
***Mens team is usually the underdog to the women.  However, the men stepped up BIG ***this weekend.

The highest ever point total is due to a lot of great swims by OUR amazing swimmersWe had swimmers in finals of EVERY EVENT offered today!
*Drew Wolfram = 200 Fly / 200 Back
*Avery Witcher = 200 Fly
*Tanner Cummings = 200 Fly / 100 Free
*Maggie Gholston = 100 Free / 200 Back
*Neal Wolfram 1500 Free / 200 Back
*Luke Shourds = 200 Brst

New TEAM Records:
Mens 400 Freestyle Relay
*Tanner Cummings / Logan Flesher / Luke Shourds / Neal Wolfram
Tanner Cummings = 200 Fly
Neal Wolfram = 200 Back
Luke Shourds = 200 Brst

Personal Best Times:
Trey Wolfram = 100 Free (relay lead off)
Tanner Cummings = 200 Fly
Logan Flesher = 100 Free
Neal Wolfram = 200 Back
Drew Wolfram = 200 Fly / 200 Back (New Sectional Meters Qualifying Time)

New 100 Freestyle Personal Best Times (w/ Relay starts):
Avery Witcher
Allison Zinobile
Madison Bush
Neal Wolfram
Luke Shourds
Drew Wolfram
Logan Flesher
Luca Vespa

Please be sure to congratulate our swimmers and their hard work.  They have accomplished something our team has never accomplished before.   Thereby, setting the bar to only get better.