SRST News: Week of 3-12-18

Hello SRST Family,

Due to time sensitive deadlines with meets (requiring hours of detailed attention) the news is going to be super short:

  • Sat Workout: "Yes"
  • Sun. Workout: "No"
  • SAC AMs: "Yes"
  • Everett AMs: "No" until further notice (I'll announce our April start up date later)
  • No cancellations this week at either pool in the PM session.
  • Meet Results: CLICK HERE
  • CRITICAL:  If you just qualified for AGR or Florida you need to put your entries in right now.  ASAP.  Do it today!  Ben will be sending our a proof email to each of these groups.  It is absolutely critical that you check your entries and let Ben know immediately if there are errors.  Make sure to watch for this email.  Remember Ben is doing entries via the OME system.  This means he hand enters everything, so just because your entries look correct on the SRST website does not mean Ben did not make a mistake entering you.  ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING COACH BEN DID THEIR ENTRIES CORRECTLY.

That's all for now.  Amazing job at both meets swimmers!  So many great swims!!  I look forward to outlining more in detail after our meet entries are finalized.


Coach Ben