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Tier 1 Championships 2018 Penticton - Day 3

Final day of racing proved to be just as good as the first two days.  Hard hat of the day goes to Justin Jung.

Overall the meet was a good meet for almost all the swimmers with a barrage of new personal bests and also a sizeable medal count.
Excellent job to all swimmers who attended and hopefully the experience at Tier 1 can be carried over to other meets.


200 Free:

Ana Lucus 12th

Mackenzie Wang 14th

Rachel Tong 7th

Paul Orogo 2nd

Kevin Kong 3rd

Justin Jung 8th

Calin Lucus 13

200 Breast:

Paige Korbely 7th

Ana Lucus 11th

Pane Kane 1st

Ethan Jiang 12th

Gary Cai 13th

Hao Sheng [Sunny] Zhang 3rd

Ilya Bezruchko 14th

100 Fly:

Paige Korbely 7th

Ana Lucus 11th

Rachel Tong 16th

Justin Jung 1st

Paul Orogo 9th

Brian Fu 10th

Ethan Jiang 16 th

Calin Lucus 9th

400 IM:

Rachel Tong 6th

Justin Jung 1st

Kevin Kong 10 th

Kane Pan 13th

Brian Fu 14th Hao Sheng [Sunny] Zhang 8th

100 Back:

Paige Korbely 10 th

Mackanzie Wang 14th

Paul Orogo 1st

Rui [Gary] Cai 12th

Alonzo Chan 16th

Boys 11 & under 200 Medley Relay

Paul Orogo, Kane Pan, Justin Jung, Kevin Kong - 1st

Alonzo Chan, Rui [Gary] Cai, Ethan Jiang! Brian Fu - 5th

Boys 13 & under 200 Medley Relay:

Paul Orogo, Ilya Bezruchko, Calin Lucus, Hao Sheng [Sunny] Zhang - 6th

Girls 12 under 200 Medley Relay:  

Rachel Tong, Karen Zhang, Gloria Li, Tyra Gunara - 6th

Congratulations to all on a great weekend of racing.  

Special thanks goes out to our Team Managers for the weekend ... Cathy Coukell, Agnes Li & Youngji Kim who did a great job!